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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I feel bad for Jenny who carried the band for most of their active years and is still being asked the same questions about her sister by obsessed Linn fans. She must be really strong to not let all of this affect her self-esteem...
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  2. I always found it so interesting that they tried to resist the comparisons early on, but perhaps that was the punk rock way of doing things as a young band in the 90s. It was all so clever, anyway, but it tortures me to this day that they never bothered doing a single cover of any ABBA songs. Even just as a B-side, or for charity, or in a performance. Imagine Linn and Jenny on a song like, "When All Is Said And Done" or "Our Last Summer" remodulated for their vocal ranges.... or a big dance track like "Summer Night City" now that I think of it. We can even get a little spoken bit by Ulf in it, and Jonas in the pre-chorus. A dream!
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  3. I distinctly remember her getting this kind of treatment in an interview on Canada's MuchMusic during The Bridge promo tour. The interviewer asked something about how they determine who gets to sing what, and Jenny explained that they often sing the entire song and it's decided after recording. The interviewer said something like, as he gestured to Linn, "so she gets all the good parts" and Jenny curled up her nose.

    I tried to find the clip but no luck! That wasn't verbatim but even in 1995/96 I remember watching it at 13 years old and thinking that was beyond rude.
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  4. Jenny does Gimme Gimme Gimme in her sets sometimes

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  5. I felt SO bad but also lucky after meeting Jenny a few years back. I was the only super fan at a show here in Canada and she met with me after for about 15 minutes. I gently asked how Linn was and she gave me this LOOK lol! She said Linn was happy and we moved on. She sang a line from The Mask for me and I died on the spot.
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  6. I knew this and forgot.... Thank you Ben!
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  7. May I ask where this was? I missed her performance in Calgary at Cowboys (lol) back in 2014, and was meant to see her this summer (also in Calgary). Was curious how I'd get to meet her and was hoping I could make it work at one of these shows.
  8. I love The Mask!
    It seems to have disappeared off YouTube
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  9. It was at the Edmonton show. Another fan/someone who works with her helped arrange the meeting. Jenny signed my CDs and we took pics before the show and then she asked me to stick around after to chat. Literally just her, my sister, dad and I lol. Highlight of life!
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  10. That's amazing. I'm putting this in my dream journal in the hopes that it manifests lol
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  11. Anyone know what this song is? Sounds like it could be good:

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  12. @Rod should know, maybe one of his remixes
  13. From the AceBoards (I can vouch for this user having spoken to Jonas in the past):

    "I’ve been given permission to share with you all some exciting news straight from the horse’s mouth. If the new box set does well - chances are there will be a new album. The powers that be seem to be optimistic about going ahead with it.

    And I’m not talking about just a simple Hidden Gems 3 release (although older songs would be included). I’m talking releases of songs from the scrapped Redefined album (and beyond). I was also told by Jonas that if all goes well, there may even be a NEW recorded song.

    I hope that brings some light to your day, considering everything going on in the world right now. And I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Take care guys!"
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  14. I really hope that is true. It’s amazing how much unreleased music they still have from some of the titles we know of(that have not leaked yet) and I’m sure there must be even more that we don’t even know of.

    If there is a hidden gems 3 it would be nice if it was mostly unreleased stuff we have not heard because I think most of the best stuff that has leaked has now been released officially on this new box set.
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  15. I think Playground has woken up to the fact that there is still interest in the band especially after their repackagedGold landed on the UK charts, something the group hasn’t done in years. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Malin sang on a new song. I would think things would have to be worked out like her not doing promotion or whatever, but if it’s like a repackaging of new, previously unreleased material, that may be up her alley. It’d be amazing if she pulled a Christine McVie and joined them on stage unannounced - which is Jenny’s dream. It could be a one-off performance. According to Jonas she still loves to sing and every so often gets a gleam in her eye to do something. I mean if ABBA can reform...
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  16. I'm sure Jonas also said once though that Linn made him promise that he'd never even ask her to do anything.
  17. Never saw this one before:

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  18. Very random, Ulf will be on next week's episode of Below Deck Mediterranean...
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  19. I just read that... um, is that the show with male nudity?
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