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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. No way, I watch that show all the time. How random indeed.
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  2. Is it a reality show? Scripted?
  3. I think it's real (or as real as reality gets).. it's based on a yacht, and they have celebrity guests..
  4. Yeah it's just luxury porn really, I watch for the incredible scenery, food and opulence. Guests charter a yacht and the show focuses primarily on the crew's struggle to meet their sometimes outlandish demands and to get along with one another. It's not highly dramatic when the guests are there, but the "drama" amps up when the staff goes out and parties etc.
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  5. I’ve always wanted to see what Ulf was packing so I had to ask. I guess I could ask Jenny...
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  6. I wish I could post a short video clip I did for another group, but on the preview for next week's Below Deck Med they briefly show a reaction to Ulf from AOB being on the boat and the cast member Malia exclaims, "ACE OF BASE!". They also briefly show his preference sheet and he's listed as the primary's "best friend". (Roy Orbison Jr. appears to have chartered the boat).

    Ulf is shown howling like a wolf at the lunch table then it cuts to the usual cast drama that's unfolding. I'm actually a huge fan of Bravo shows and I can't wait to see Ulf in this context. He looks great, btw!
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  7. “Travel to Romantis (Love to Infinity Master Mix)” is hitting the spot today. I can’t get enough of it! What a remix.
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  8. Has anyone bought the 11 CD box set from superdeluxe?
    Does it only get shipped on release date? I placed a order today and wish I could have it now!
  9. I bought it and the 4 coloured vinyl set. Not sure when it’ll be sent out. I’m not in the UK so it’s going to take at least a week or so to show. I bought it from Amazon.
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  10. Where are you located? I’m in Australia, so think it’s going to take a while to get here.
  11. US
  12. I ordered from superdeluxe and I’m in Toronto. Hoping they send it out a bit before release day.
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  13. Hopefully they will send them soon.
    I wonder if there are any studio versions of those live tracks on the album?
  14. It would be awesome if they did. I’m just happy that they put it back up after being temporarily sold out and are shipping outside the country again.
  15. I wish Jonas would do another chat with fans. We could ask him.
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  16. That would be great or maybe someone could do a interview with him asking about these kind of things and I’d love to know more about those unreleased songs from the first album.
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  17. I thought they were getting released on the same day as the CD box set?
  18. Yeah they are, July 3rd.
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