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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Somehow people already have it.
  2. Hopefully that means the CD boxset will be sent out before release date.
  3. Just a few of us who helped out on the project have had a copy early. Still set for release on the 3rd.
  4. Have you got the CD box set yet? If so what is the sound like on songs such as all temptations?
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  5. No just the vinyl set so far.
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  6. (From Canada), I originally ordered from SDE but felt better going with Amazon UK when an acer got them to open up international shipping. SDE was very understanding when I cancelled my order with them and fully refunded my PayPal. I don't have the budget for the Vinyl set yet, but was able to secure the CD box set without issue. :)
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  7. Now that makes sense!! I happy that you guys got sets early!!
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  9. Yep that's all we've had for several years.. so excited to hear the full thing!
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  10. It stuck me today that Happy Nation/The Sign in its original and re-released form is actually pretty inconsistent as an album. Full of absolute bangers but it’s almost like 2 albums smushed together.

    Album 1:

    Young and Proud
    Waiting For Magic
    Voulez-Vous Danser
    Fashion Party
    My Mind
    Dimension of Depth

    album 2:

    All That She Wants
    The Sign
    Don’t Turn Around
    Living In Danger
    Wheel of Fortune
    Happy Nation

    Hear Me Calling is probably the only song that could go either way.

    I guess this is probably the changeover from the early years/Tech Noir into the more reggae infused style.
  11. Some were remixed for the re-release right? I've never heard the original album, only the rather soggy original version of Waiting for Magic.
  12. It was only Waiting For Magic, and a re-recorded vocal on Voulez-Vous Danser
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  13. I need to find out if UK Amazon is shipping to the US again. I've had this preordered and get updates but not sure if it is really being sent to me.
  14. Was there ever a Technoir album planned? Would be nice to have all those songs released on a album one day.
  15. Ulf was one of the charter guests on Below Deck recently with Roy Orbison Jr., who told him “the 90s are back and they should grab it”.

    But that was all.
  16. The editing also featured Ulf talking about Ace of Base's impact (referencing Katy for sure, and maybe Gaga?) for what seemed like a long time, while the crew poked fun at his ego. He seemed nice, which many of the charter guests fail to do. I watched it while multitasking but think that was about it for Ulf.
  17. So no Ulf in speedos. Damn.
  18. They didn't have a full album but they had this demo disc, probably to send to labels. Interesting they used the same font!


    I created this below for my iTunes


    By the way, I worked out from some old Swedish newspaper articles that they must've changed their name to AoB cerca February 1991, after Ulf joined the band as we know on 04/08/1990.
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  19. So they did! I thought he'd already left after the first ep. She was a tad dismissive of his 'level of fame', but I guess she was like 6 when it happened.
  20. Never seen that, thanks for posting. Do you know what the track list was on that demo disc?
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