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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. If it’s because what he said then that’s sad but expected. Without a doubt Ace of Base had an impact on modern music and they’ve even been namedropped by Popstars of today but for some reason the general perception is that they’re one-hit wonders or were just plain 90s cheese.
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  2. Wait, we know the actual date he joined?

    Do you have any of these articles scanned? I love reading about the band’s early years.
  3. Oh yes we've known that for years. One of the Tech Noir members Niklas decided to go and watch the Rolling Stones concert the same night they had a gig. So they invited Ulf to join them on stage and that was that. It's that very gig that the live Tech Noir songs on the boxset come from. They talk about it in the SVT documentary?

    I can't find the articles at the moment but they're only brief mentions anyway like local gig listings.
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  4. We don't know.. but we will have 10 Tech Noir songs by the time the boxset comes out!

    The Wizard
    Reality (In Black And White)
    Walk Like A Man
    Scared Boys
    Opposites Attract
    Exit Floor
  5. I think what he said was absolutely true and valid, but I was not surprised to see someone dismiss it if they had minimal knowledge of music in general.

    And no, I don't think we saw him shirtless!
  6. I was surprised to read on another forum that all temptations is the same mix as the one that is online already with a bit of improvement.

    If the quality is not that great why not replace it with a different song that was in better quality?

    Guess I will have to wait for the release to judge for myself...
  7. It's one of their best unreleased songs though! And there weren't more than a handful of available songs left over to choose from.
  8. That’s true it is one of their best unreleased songs. At least there is some improvement I guess. I like walk like a man and sharpshooter a lot as well.
  9. What a dedicated acer!

    I still don't like that photoshopped 'last picture' of Linn, though...
  10. Amazon in the UK is now showing an audio rip for the set.

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  11. Is that the main one or in one of the subsections?
  12. We think it's a mistake though - it's linked to the single. Demon's licence only covers the physical release and Amazon wouldn't be allowed to just rip it themselves and give it away.

    Received my copy yesterday! Think you'll all be impressed with how good the set is. The designs are just perfect and it just have a real quality feel about it. The liner notes are a really nice long read too - practically a dissertation on the history of the band.

    My highlights are the Redefined song "Couldn't Care Less" - really different sound for AoB, a kind of guitar-driven dance song.

    The "Hallo Hallo" alternative mix which isn't so much a demo but a really lovely version that's quite different from the final one.

    The new mixes of "Always Have Always Will", "Lucky Love" and "Beautiful Life" are really excellent. "Edge Of Heaven".. sounds like the first track might have been intended as a single mix but can see why they didn't run with it.. really nice to have though!

    Great to have digital versions of the "C'est La Vie"' "Cecilia" and "Everytime It Rains" remixes!

    And they've done a good job with the demos - some of the rougher sounding ones are sounding a little more polished, and some have used a better source too begin with - notably Pole Position, Look Around Me, Stranger To Love.

    Make sure you order your copy if you haven't already as once they're gone they're gone!
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  13. Neither do I, but the trouble with Wikipedia is that if you try putting any copyrighted pictures up they get taken down
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  14. Can’t wait to get mine. I’m in Australia so might take a while..
    How does all temptations sound?
  15. It was of course quite a rough unfinished demo to start off with so they can't work miracles, but there's a noticeable improvement and I'm glad it's on there.
  16. That’s good! How are those live tracks?
  17. Well they're really good quality because they're recorded "off the deck". They're.. interesting! A bit of AoB history of course being from the night Ulf joined the band.
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  18. Can’t wait to hear all these unreleased ones. Glad I bought this in the end. It’s nice to have everything in 1 box.
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