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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Really hoping they send it out a few days before the release date. I need Couldn’t Care Less now!
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  2. Both?
  3. Has anyone received theirs yet? I’ve waiting so long for Couldn’t Care Less, I just can’t deal anymore! My set hasn’t even dispatched yet.
  4. Mine isn’t in yet. I wouldn’t even venture a guess how long it’ll take to get here. It took a couple months for my last order to finally roll in. I’m hoping it won’t be too long.
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  5. Mine dispatched yesterday and it's on its way here in the mountains of Canada. I hope it arrives safe and sound -- seems to think it'll be here by July 13th. I'll share my thoughts right away of course! :)

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  6. Anyone order from Superdeluxe? I have not heard anything about it being shipped yet?
  7. Mine dispatched yesterday and is set to be delivered on my birthday!
  8. I ordered from last night, it was dispatched this morning and its scheduled for delivery - in Australia - on Tuesday! Cannot wait.
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  9. I only see the album set on their site. Do they have the cd box set too?
  10. Nothing dispatched yet. Getting nervous but then again Amazon only just sent out my Nukleopatra Vinyl.
  11. Mine is on its way today...can’t wait to get home from work! Eeeep!
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  12. Check the 'Show Out Of Stock' box and it'll show up.
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  13. I had a despatch email today. Its 48 hour delivery so should be here Monday at the latest!
    Wish it had been sent early to arrive today but I've been so busy with work I couldn't have enjoyed it anyway. Cannot wait to have it though!
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  14. Mines been dispatched today and should arrive tomorrow.

    but the real question is, with the vinyl boxset, should I sell my ultimate editions of “Happy Nation” and “The Bridge”....thoughts?
  15. Got mine!

    There are so many good highlights in the set. I’m not sure if it’s just my copy but some of the pages in the booklet are slightly blurry.

    Love having the promo mixes on CD for Everytime It Rains & C’est La Vie.

    I also like the new remixes of Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry and All That She Wants.

    I’m surprised how good the live Technoir tracks sound. They are good quality.

    Wish You Were Mine is my favourite from Hidden Gems 2.

    I would have liked to have had the remix videos for Lucky Love (Amadin) and Beautiful Life (Vission Lorimer) on the DVD as well

    Great job overall.
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  16. I wouldn’t but I’d definitely wait until I can compare them. In terms of tracks I wouldn’t.
  17. No!
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  18. What is the always have always will mix like?
  19. NO!
  20. Is "Sunshine" a cover? I noticed that "Dr. Sun" has similar lyrics.
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