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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. My set arrived! It's beautifully presented and the work that's gone into the book and tracklisting is incredibly impressive.

    However, the remastering is awful. I'm only on "Happy Nation" so far and there is noticable distortion on some tracks - "Young and Proud" and "Hear Me Calling" being the worst offenders. It's very compressed.
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  2. Update: The Bridge also features the same mastering issues as Happy Nation, though not quite as noticeable. Hidden Gems 2, however, sounds pretty damn great! "Stranger To Love" is an absolute BOP. This could've fit on "The Bridge" and would have really uplifted the middle-back end of the album.
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  3. Oh my goodness. I missed out on the Ultimate Editions so if you do sell.... lemme know lol
  4. I will do :) I'm keeping my coloured boxset sealed I think.
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  5. Will this collection be on Spotify?
  6. Mine’s been dispatched for delivery tomorrow.
  7. Completely off topic, but her house looks remarkablely like Nancy's house in "Nightmare On Elm Street"!
  8. Ok, controversial as this may be....

    Da Capo is better than Flowers.
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  9. Not two out of my three favorites from that album! *sobs uncontrollably*
  10. It's throughout the whole album but particularly noticeable on those tracks. Some serious clipping going on too.

    If you're listening digitally, just rip the original CD in WAV format, it sounds great as it is
  11. I still have the digital remaster of Happy Nation so I guess I won’t bother replacing it but that’s such a shame.
  12. Couldn’t Care Less is a bit of a noisy mess but I’m loving it anyway lol
  13. I don't really care about the mastering of the old albums since I bought the Japanese remasters back in the day. I got this for the hidden gems!
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  15. Listening to Hidden Gems Part Two as I type. Need to listen again before I can say with certainty what are the faves.
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  16. Rod


  17. Rod


    It was their first reggae track and some elements were carried over to Dr. Sun years later.
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  18. Mine just arrived. It's gorgeous!
  19. I’ve heard a clip of your NGSIS as well and can’t wait to hear it in full when I get my box set. It sounds so good! Have you remixed any other songs?

    It would be nice to hear some of the Da Capo songs remixed one day. Never enjoyed the production on a lot of those songs especially show me love or change with the light.
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  20. Ugh, I was just thinking about how awesome an extended version of “Da Capo” would be.
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