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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I won't have my copy for a long while since it's bundled to ship with Laura Branigan and Nick Kame which are both due at the at of the month. But I'm so excited for Hidden Gems 2.
  2. Don’t think I will get mine for a long time as well. It’s been at the UK airport since 3rd July and I don’t think we are getting any flights to my city due to a increase in COVID the past 2 weeks, things are starting to go back Into lockdown :(

    Sure it will be worth the wait! Can’t wait to hear Hidden Gems 2 and the new remixes.

    I heard couldn’t care less and both versions of stranger to love from the boxset on YouTube and the quality sounds great.
  3. Rod


    Thank you! Yes I have and I'm excited about what might happen in the future, so crossing fingers it all goes well :)

    The boxset includes an alternative mix of Change With The Light which I really like, look forward to it!
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  4. That’s great! Hope it all works out and we can hear more of your mixes one day. It’s nice hearing the older songs updated for today!
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  5. Jesusfuckingchrist. I'm going through the set in order and some of these rare and unreleased remixes are amazing to hear after living with the main CDs for so long.

    The extra elements on the Morales dub of "Living In Danger" almost killed me earlier.
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  6. Vinyl set came yesterday and I love it! Listening to Happy Nation now. The records are so nice looking.
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  7. I’m wondering if some of the previously released Hidden Gems tracks have been updated in better quality. Kind of hoping for a slightly better version of Look Around Me!
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  8. Rod


    Is it you Peter? Mr. Rod from The AoB Hub/TAB here!

    Yes, Look Around Me and Pole Position have been updated with better quality source files (same with Kings & Queens, but that one is not as good as the other two).
  9. Ordered back in early may and it still haven’t shipped from Amazon. Read on The Aceboard forum that some had his order cancelled. What I wouldn’t do for a digital copy until the real boxset arrived ☹️ Too bad the release isn’t available for digital purchase
  10. Hey Rod, it’s me :) Good to see a few of us here!
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  11. Would of also loved digital release while waiting for it. Mines stuck at the uk airport since the 3rd of July and now the place where I live in Australia is going into lockdown for 6 weeks from midnight tonight because of COVID and no flights coming here. No idea when I will get mine. I ordered from Superdeluxe.

    btw - couldn’t care less and both versions of stranger to love from the boxset are on youtube.
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  12. If Stranger to Love was from The Bridge-era, why the hell wasn't it on The Bridge?
  13. Is Close to you a different version on Hidden Gems? I prefer the one that leaked..
  14. It's a bit shorter and has had some work done on the sound of it but it's the same mix
  15. I miss the beginning part when Linn sings a verse. Strange they would remove that. At least we have the leak and it’s in good quality, so will just swap it when I get my copy.
  16. I’m the same with the older version of Memories Forever. I like the build up of the intro more than what’s on Hidden Gems.
  17. Still working my way through and I just got to the 'Edge Of Heaven' disc.

    Um, @Rod, your remix of "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry" is FABULOUS. It's a real highlight of this boxed set! Congrats.
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  18. Jenny did a big interview for Classic Pop magazine to promote the new set.
  19. Anywhere to read this interview?
  20. Maybe it’s just me and the timings are probably all wrong but because of where they were b-sides I always associate Mercy Mercy and Love For Sale with Flowers. As such I would’ve liked them on the extended Flowers album. I know they’re on Hidden Gems so they’re not missing and I can make my own playlists, but just my thoughts.
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