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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. The forums' very own Milky went to the Copenhagen leg of the tour last night (and no doubt he performed as the support act).

    I really hope that they come to London. There IS demand.
  2. They'd better come here. I was desperate to go to Copenhagen but literally couldn't afford it :(
  3. Apparently they are going to release a remix album and Wheel Of Fortune is going to be the first single (Full Circle hahaha)!

    They did a ballad version of Travel To Romantis!
  4. I saw them in Copenhagen on Friday night - they were absolutely amazing. They looked like they were having so much fun. We got to meet them after the show and had our pictures and had their autographs.

    Ulf said that this concert is part of a 13 month world tour and that they will be coming to England at some point soon - so watch this space!

    Stevo :-)
  5. I hope they're remix album is better then the latest whigfield one
  6. Ulf has finally confirmed that Linn has LEFT THE GROUP. They'd been "fading her out for a while". Yes, literally. So she's not going to be on the next album. :( Oh well... it's been all about Jenny for the last ten years now anyway.

    BTW if you wanted to hear the new mix of "Wheel Of Fortune" but couldn't because the link died, you can listen to it here.

    Looking forward to this remix album!
  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Ooh the Psammead! Grant me a wish!
  8. according to wikipedia (i know)

    this is riding high in charts around the world!!
    euro/german and brazil!!

    how cool is that?, some success again for this awesome band!!!!!

    also it looks like linn has most deffo left the band, thats a shame, but oh well!!!!

    any news on a uk release/euro/australina physichial release?????

    have they even got a record deal yet???
  9. Well they've been hyped into a meaningless vote chart by fans and one station in Brazil has A-listed the live version of WOF for some reason. It's still early days. They must have a record label of some description because they're releasing 5 remix albums and a new album this year - but no one is really sure who it is ! I'm not sure they're still with Playground in Sweden and Universal in Europe.
  10. Several drops of pee just came out in my excitement at hearing that remix!

    Poppers ahoy!
  11. Dewi

    Dewi Guest

    Oh that would be be gooood.

    I love the new remix of Wheel Of Fortune, the song is amazing anyway but the new one does it justice.

    What ya gonna tell your daddy ohhh?
  12. I saw them live in Copehagen last year and they were great. Afterwards I had a chat with Jenny and she said they are planning a bigger tour for this year.

    Milky x
  13. Any info on tour dates?
  14. Um well they're doing Kazakhstan and Norway this month but nothing confirmed beyond that yet. There will be more gigs throughout the year - hopefully one in the UK!
  15. Anyone know when in the UK?
  16. We'll get more news this March normally.
    They updated their myspace too.

    AND... the site cdon listed their new album!!!!
    Well nothing about release date or what label they're with but now I really think more and more that this new album will see the day finally!!
  17. Jenny looks fierce!



  18. where is the blond girl?
  19. She's not a member of the band anymore.
  20. KaMZ

    KaMZ Guest

    Oh my, they photoshopped their pores.
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