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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Same, but I understood why they chose to do it this way and glad they optimized space. I also love the fact they included the bonus tracks from the digital remasters on Hidden Gems Vol. 1!

    Did they only ever release six b-sides? “No Good Lover”, “Into The Blue Of Night”, “Mercy Mercy”, “Love For Sale”, “Don’t Stop”, and, arguably, “L’armour”?
  2. Just received the box too. I'm so happy to finally have stranger to love on a physical release.
    Do you guys in know if the 5.1 da capo album back channels play some sort of instrumental or stripped mix?

    I'm also looking for a complete list of remixes and where to find them?
  3. This is how I've got Flowers in my iTunes

    1. Life Is A Flower
    2. Always Have, Always Will
    3. Cruel Summer
    4. Travel To Romantis
    5. Adventures In Paradise
    6. Dr. Sun
    7. Cecilia
    8. He Decides
    9. I Pray
    10. Tokyo Girl
    11. Don't Go Away
    12. Captain Nemo
    13. Donnie
    14. Everytime It Rains
    15. Whenever You're Near Me
    16. No Good Lover
    17. Into The Night Of Blue
    18. Love For Sale
    19. Mercy Mercy
    20. L'Amour

    1. C'est La Vie (Always 21)
    2. Hallo Hallo
    3. Love In December
    4. Stranger To Love
    5. Love Of My Life
    6. Stay With Me
    7. She Was Thinking Of You
    8. Immanuel
    9. Kings And Queens
    10. Herrens Sanning
    11. Cruel Summer [Big Bonus Mix]
    12. He Decides [Charles Fisher Mix]
    13. Travel To Romantis [Love To Infinity Radio Edit]
    14. Hallo Hallo [Alternative Version]
    15. Cecilia [Ole Evenrude Radio Edit]
    16. Donnie [Ole Evenrude Mix]
    17. Cruel Summer [Blazin' Rhythm Mix]
    18. Everytime It Rains [Metro Radio Edit]
    19. Hallo Hallo [Jonas von der Burg Mix]
    20. Cruel Summer [feat. Alliage]

    1. Life Is A Flower [Reggae Mix]
    2. Always Have, Always Will [Matt Pop 2020 Radio Edit]
    3. Travel To Romantis [Wolf Mix]
    4. Everytime It Rains [Soul Poets Mix]
    5. Cecilia [In Da Nite]
    6. Cruel Summer [Hartmann & Langhoff Radio Edit]
    7. Whenever You're Near Me [Nikolas & Sibley Radio Edit]
    8. C'est La Vie (Always 21) [Discomatic Mix]
    9. Hallo Hallo [XTM Radio Edit]
    10. Love In December [Jonas von der Burg Mix]
    11. Life Is A Flower [Milk Inc. UHT Radio Edit]
    12. Travel To Romantis [Josef Larossi Radio Edit]
    13. C'est La Vie (Always 21) [Skeewiff's Full Biffter Mix]
    14. Cruel Summer [Rico Bernasconi Mix]
    15. Hallo Hallo [Hitvision Mix]
    16. C'est La Vie (Always 21) [Sleazesisters Radio Edit]
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  4. I've got a list of the ones that aren't on the boxset

    All That She Wants [Andalo Mix]
    All That She Wants [Bali Bandits Mix]
    All That She Wants [Banghra Mix]
    All That She Wants [Funkstar De Luxe Cook 'n' Curry Mix]
    All That She Wants [House of Titans Mix]
    All That She Wants [Joeysuki Mix]
    All That She Wants [Marc MacRowland Mix]
    All That She Wants [Mowlo Mix]
    All That She Wants [Spitzenklasse Mix]
    All That She Wants [Voodoo & Serano Mix]
    All That She Wants [We Are Legends Mix]
    All That She Wants [Wideboys Stadium Mix]
    Beautiful Life [Junior's Circuit Bump Mix]
    Beautiful Life [Lenny B's House Of Joy Club Mix]
    Beautiful Life [Uno Clio Mix]
    C'est La Vie (Always 21) [Discomatic Mix]
    Cruel Summer [Blazin' Rhythm Mix]
    Cruel Summer [KLM Club Mix]
    Cruel Summer [Soul Poets House Bust]
    Cruel Summer 2009 [Rico Bernasconi Mix]
    Don't Turn Around [Groove Mix]
    Don't Turn Around [Stretch Mix]
    Everytime It Rains [Soul Poets Mix]
    Happy Nation [dZintars IEja Mix]
    Happy Nation [Moody Gold Mix]
    Life Is A Flower [Absolom Mix]
    Life Is A Flower [Reggae Mix]
    Life Is A Flower [Soul Poets Night Club Mix]
    Living In Danger [Armand's "For The Big Clubs" Mix]
    Living In Danger [David Morales Old School Mix]
    Living In Danger [New Buddha Mix]
    Living In Danger [Principle Mix]
    Lucky Love [Amadin Mix]
    Lucky Love [Armand's "British Nites" Mix]
    Lucky Love [Lenny B's Club Mix]
    Lucky Love [Raggasol Mix]
    Lucky Love [Vinny Vero Teenage Heaven Club Mix]
    Lucky Love [Vission Lorimer Funkdified Mix]
    Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry [Lenny B's Club Mix]
    Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry [Lenny B's Organ-Ic House Mix]
    Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry [Rock Mix]
    Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry [Sweetbox Funky Mix]
    Unspeakable [Fairlite Mix]
    Unspeakable [Filur Club Mix]
    Whenever You're Near Me [Strobe's Lollipop Mix]
    Whenever You're Near Me [Strobe's Radio Mix]
    Whenever You're Near Me [Strobe's Subway Mix]

    Most of them are on download/streaming.
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  5. Niiiiice thanks a lot acer
    Do you also have a list of songs or demo that aren't on it like "end of this world"? I was so waiting for that one too
  6. Do we have HQ artwork for Happy Nation (I.e. without the “U.S. Version” tag) and Edge of Heaven?
  7. Sparks From A Fire
    The Mask
    Don't Ever Say Goodbye
    Love Of My Life
    The Duel
    Killer On The Rampage
    Pearls Of Experience
    Million Ways
    Walk Like A Man
    Scared Boys
    End Of This World
    Run To Him
    Opposites Attract
    Exit Floors
    Lovesong/Dance In The Moonlight

    think that's about it for the ones that have been leaked

    and those we haven't heard yet

    Another Love
    It's Beautiful
    Who Am I
    Bombastic Fantastic
    Dance The Night Away
    Tell Me Why
    United States Of Europe
    Calling Of An Angel
    Ice Cream
    Island In The South
    Too Late To Say Goodbye
    I'll Die Another Day
    Dance With Me Krishna
    Mene Mene Tekel
    Peepshow (studio version)
    Sunshine (studio version)
    Make My Day (alternative slower version)
    Hey Sorry (Ace version)
    You And I (finished version)
    Young & Proud (Single mix, if it exists)
    Time/Do You Believe In Love (full version?)
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  8. Was a bit sad we didn’t get these two.
    Whaaaattt? I’d love this.
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  9. The new mixes of always have, always will, beautiful life, and all that she wants have been released on Apple Music. They sound so good!
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  10. Wasn’t Vision in Blue originally recorded by the original lineup back in the day later reworked for The Golden Ratio?
  11. Where? I don’t even see the single for Always Have, Always Will.
  12. I guess it might only be released on Friday 10th in your country depending on time zones.
    It’s uploaded on the official Ace of base YouTube:

    I also like the beautiful life mix but probably goes on for a bit too long..
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  13. I'm not an expert on every track but for Happy Nation, The first album version ended in fade out while the US version ends with a cold end. Also the 7'' Gold Zone edit is the same as the version called "remix" on the US album but the first second intro is different.
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  14. This is adorable. Always thought the tempo of this song would make it kind of unmixable, but he's done a great job. The breakdown in the middle is lush.
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  15. Rod


    Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  16. Rod


    That was "Who Am I", originally recorded in 1993 for the original "The Sign".
  17. I knew about that one but I thought Vision in Blue was another.
  18. Found a really nice remix on YouTube for The Sign. Wish I could have this on my playlist or it get officially released:
  19. Really love the Alternate Version of Hallo Hallo. I so wish that had been a single in the UK. I think the Hitvision version could’ve been a hit.
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