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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. The set is already on the UK charts.
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  2. I’ve read a few people say the alternate version is good. Could I ask what is different about it?

    My box is still at the UK airport since 4th July!!
  3. The released version of "Hallo Hallo" fits better with their reggaeish tracks, while the alternate version sounds more like "Life Is A Flower".

    (I hope your copy arrives soon!)
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  4. Just re-reading the notes. I wish Mercy Mercy had been a single.
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  5. I received my copy last week and I am slowly working my way through. The mastering sounds ok to me, but I am not the worlds greatest audiophile.

    Looking back at their catalogue, I wonder why their Singles of the 90’s album flopped in the UK? Coming on the back of some successful singles but the underperforming album Flowers, I would have thought there would be some demand to get all their singles on one album.
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  6. There was no single on the radio to publicise the release of the album though, and I don't think it was well stocked. Also Christmas 1999 was ridiculously competitive.
  7. Seems strange the record company didn’t push it. It had additional tracks which were released as singles in other territories. Opportunity missed.
  8. Originally, in the UK, Love in December was advertised in a single, then Hallo Hallo but nothing came out. I think most people probably already had the singles they wanted.
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  9. But C'est la vie was #1 in Spain! How random...
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  10. Wow the new remix to Always Have Always Will is a certified BOP!! Had no idea this new box set release was happening. Sort of makes sense why Ulf showed up on Below Deck even if it was a coincidence.
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  11. Like Ben said, lack of p
    I also don’t think it helped that their biggest singles, All That She Wants and The Sign, were tracks on one of the CD singles for Life is a Flower. Don’t Turn Around and Beautiful Life were also on one of the Cruel Summer singles as well.

    However, for me that Life is a Flower CD single is the reason why I got into Ace of Base properly. I only owned Beautiful Life before that. Now I’ve got a pretty good Ace of Base collection or did have until I sold a few rare things!
  12. They did. They even commissioned extra remixes. The problem was the media hated the song.
  13. C'est La Vie was scheduled as a single but was cancelled at last minute. There were no other plans. Love In December was only a radio single in Germany.
  14. I've never been the biggest fan of "C'est La Vie", but I really like Skeewiff's Full Biffter remix. I'd never heard it before the new boxed set came out.
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  15. I distinctly remember the adverts for Love in December and Hallo Hallo in Top of the Pops or Smash Hits magazine. I think I kept them somewhere. I remember going on and on and on about Hallo Hallo and telling everyone at school to buy it then it got pushed back a week and nothing more was heard. I don’t think it got that close but I definitely saw the adverts.
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  16. Was Mega sold around that time? I wonder if the label change had anything to do with promotion. It's still so bizarre that Malin wouldn't even lipsync in the videos. It was so over-the-top. I'm surprised they didn't go one step further and pixelated her face.
  17. Agreed. The original is meh, honestly. In fact, it and “Hallo Hallo” were pretty underwhelming. “Love In December” was fantastic though.

    Also, I’m fucking floored “No Good Lover” wasn’t a single.
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  18. I’m floored it wasn’t on an album and just a b-side! The only thing I can think of as to why? Maybe it sounded a bit too much like All That She Wants and maybe a little too ‘dark’ for the Flowers album? But then that doesn’t make sense because most of their albums always have a melancholy/darkness to them.
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  19. You must be misremembering. There was an advert for C'est La Vie in Smash Hits, which did keep going back from November into December, and one for Singles of the 90s in TOTP but that was it.

    I was all over the magazines and on the AoB messageboard at the time so I can't imagine I'd have missed it - and after the failure of CLV and SOTN I can't imagine Polydor would have put any more effort in. And if they'd got to the stage of promoting them in magazines there would be promo singles.

    Does this ring a bell?

  20. She didn't lipsync in the Flowers videos either. It was probably entirely her decision and a pain in the arse for the label.
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