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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I felt that way with Ace Thursdays.
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  2. Did Malin write on the "Funk Funk" demo? She reused lines from that song for the "Whispers in Blindness" chorus and gets full credit.
  3. When all we had was the demo via Ace Thursdays, I assumed she was heavily involved in the original, but the Classic Collection booklet credits "Lyrics by Joker". Either it's a foggy origin story or Linn altered the overall spirit of the song so much Jonas handed credit over to her for "The Bridge" (which makes sense, when you compare the lyrics between the two). Whispers is much more substantial....

    "They say it's only once in a life we love,
    Now I've had the honour, too...."

    Forever one of my all-time faves. It's perfect in every way and the evolution it took from demo to release is a tribute to the breadth of their sound.
  4. Could just be Jonas being generous to his sister
  5. I love how fierce her vocals are on that line in “Funk Funk” compared to the softer “Whispers in Blindness”.
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  6. Has anyone from Australia or US ordered the box from Superdeluxe. Mine has been at the UK airport since the 4th July?
  7. I'm in the US and it arrived Monday. Took a little over a week to get it after Superdeluxe shipped it out.
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  8. I forgot to listen to the TechNoir songs until just now. I didn’t love the first one on first listen but the rest I really enjoyed.
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  10. I think Jonas eluded to Linn not being particularly happy with the song in any form, but adamantly disliked the original demo which was first-person instead of third-person. Their version appears to stick to the original.
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    But did they cover the Tuesdays or is there another original I'm not aware of?
  12. I wish the picture of the covers of Hidden Gems and the new boxset were available as posters.
  13. I’m going to take a wild guess and say Ace of Base did theirs first, passed on it, and The Tuesdays did theirs. Ole Evenrude produced the track for The Tuesdays, so maybe he brought it to them.
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  14. How is the quality of she was thinking of you on the box set? Has it been improved?
  15. I’m STILL waiting for my box set and am starting to worry.

    I did however get my hands on Hidden Gems 2 (it’s out there) and She Was Thinking Of You has been improved quite a bit. I enjoy listening to it much more now!

    I also heard that Look Around Me and Pole Position have been improved too and am dying to hear them both. If my box set ever arrives... wouldn’t mind a pm ;)
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  16. I am so glad the bells version of "Hey Darling" is on CD now. It's so good, my favourite of the three arrangements on the expanded 'Da Capo'.

    Chronologically, is this Linn's last vocal for Ace Of Base?
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  17. I finally received my box set and it looks lovely! I really like that many of the songs has a comment from one of the boys (a few from Jenny as well). I'm listening to Hidden Gems part 2 now and I'm loving She Was Thinking Of You.

    The booklet is great as well! Lots of nice pictures and info. The only thing I wish was different is the last quote by Jonas: "There's always requests about us reforming in the original format. But it always comes with the demand that Linn should be in. And that will never happen. Linn is one of the few that more than dislikes the music industry. She truly hates it".

    It's not a surprise that Linn feels this way, but it's still a bit sad to read.
  18. I went through Hidden Gems yesterday. They finally put back the full length version of "No good lover" as on the Single.
    L'amour is as on the single too (the "Flower" digital bonus was shortened too).
    And most of Tech Noir demos are shorter than the ones that leaked on the web. But the sound is much better.
    Mr Ace is still sourced from an mp3 as every source I found so far.
  19. Same... The expected delivery date was 11 days ago. Where did you order it from?
  20. Yeah, AoB's was definitely recorded for Flowers. I think the Tuesdays version was released in 1998.
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