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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. No, as Would You Believe comes from 2005 (Love In The Ghetto, Make My Day, Prime Time and Sunset In Southern California too).
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    Well that's the same year so still doesn't say much?
  3. I don't know exactly when the Tuesdays version came out in 1998, but you'd expect that the recording of Flowers would've been done and dusted by quite early in 1998?

    Plus it just seems more likely The Tuesdays did it after.. rather than "hey I know that album you've been working on for 2 years is nearly finished but do you want to try this song that you didn't write, and that was just a massive flop for a Norwegian girlband"...
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  4. ^ This reckons it was recorded early 1997. I suppose it's also likely to be from early on in the Flowers recordings because it's Linn on vocals.
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  5. What a great session!!!
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  6. Nice! So their final single was actually one of their final recorded songs. It’s a nice little consistency.

    I would’ve liked it if “Southern California” was like the ACE.OF.BASE. version as it was the only song from that “lineup” I liked but would have preferred it with Linn’s and/or Jenny’s vocals.
  7. Is there a slow version of Make my day? Would love to hear that one day if there is. The slow demo sounded so much better.
  8. Do you have a link to the demo? Make My Day is my favourite on Hidden Gems.
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  9. I actually don’t have it myself anymore but it was released by Jonas during Ace Thursday’s. I think it was D’cats that sang on the demo. I’m sure someone here could upload it for us again?
    From what I remember it’s definitely better than the one on Hidden Gems which is very sped up and sounds like a remix.
  10. This is the original (dead) link to the track and how it was labeled. I can’t seem to find my copy. I actually prefer the newer mix, though the d’Cats version is quite nice from what I can remember.
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  11. Sunset In Southern California is the perfect summer song.
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  12. What exactly was D’cats?
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  13. When Jonas made demos he had a vocalist sing on the songs sometimes before Jenny and Linn. Not sure what her name was but she has a really nice voice:
  14. What about The Goldeneye? Who sang that demo?
  15. The All About The Money (amongst many others) bopess, Meja.
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  16. as controversial as this is, I actually think "Da Capo" is a much stronger album than "Flowers". I barely ever revisit "Flowers" outside of the singles, though "Dr. Sun" is classic AoB.
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  17. Perhaps it’s more coherent but I love more songs Flowers.
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  18. I like the singles (though the "big bonus mix" of Cruel Summer is better than the album version) but can't say anything else jumps out at me. I might have to give it another spin, it's been a while since I played it all the way through. I usually binge HN(US) and TB
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