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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. WOW!!!

    Jenny looks gorgeous as ever! But then she always has been fit as hell. Ulf as well!

    They look really odd without Linn, but then she has not really been in the group full time for over 10 years now so its no shock she has finally decided to step out full time but she will be missed for sure.

    Most people still see her as the lead singer of AOB so it will be interesting to see how they do without her.
  2. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Just wrong. The styling, the photoshop to the max, the shoes, the pose, the not there being 4 members... like En Vogue being a trio and Bananarama a duo, somethings are meant to be a certain way. They should get a member of Yakida or Dede or some other girl to be a foursome again!
  3. People have not been very interested in them since Linn took a back seat and stopped singing, even though Jenny has gotten much stronger as a lead singer especially live where back in the day she was kinda painful to listen to.

    Its gonna take some getting use to without Linn in the promo pics, but if their new album is anything like DaCapo which was miles better than Flowers which IMO was crap....then it shall be a good listen, they just need a much stronger lead single than Beautiful Morning was for DaCapo I guess.
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Oh I liked Flowers (first and only AOB album I own) very much. I also liked Beautiful Morning too. The ship has sailed I'm afraid.
  5. Just loaded Flowers onto my ipod, best album by far - one of the all time great europop albums once you delete a few of the reggaepoplite style stuff which is dreadful.
  6. Flowers was by far their strongest album IMHO. Da Capo was dated even by the time it was released.

    I suspect they're going back to their dance roots - maybe with a twinge of electro. They COULD be relevant again if they do it right.
  7. Does anyone else think Jenny looks a bit like Celine, especially in the second pic? Ulf looks great too!

    I think they all look good, I'm glad to see them making a comeback, they always were one of my favourite bands. Shame Linn has gone but it's not really surprising actually, to be honest. We never did find out exactly what happened did we? I always thought it was she was attacked by a crazed fan at her house, but it turns out that was Jenny. Still, I hope she's well...

    Music wise, I think while they will never be as big as they were in the 90s, I think they could have some success if they pick the right material! I'm looking forward to hearing what they come up with!
  8. My fav album was THE BRIDGE total right balance of dance & pop and the girls had more of an imput onto that album it seemed more like a whole group effort than the first one which was mainly the boys and the 3rd one and from then on only really Jonas.

    Dunno what it was about Flowers I disliked, I think it was the sudden change from Dance/Pop to cheesy europop but it did have some good moments, I actually prefered the American version of the album (Cruel Summer) as some of the mixes were better like He Decides but I also did not like the fact that Linn hardly did any lead singing on it and was hardly seen in the videos as she was the reason why I liked them so much cos of her voice (even though I always thought and still do that Jenny was the eye candy)

    I would love for them to go back to their dance routes.
  9. Ulf is still the hottest man alive.

    I can't wait for the new album. And I really hope that they come to the UK.
  10. FIT!! Jenny and Ulf look amazing.

    I think they could be relevent again. There are certainly a lot of "Acers" that will welcome them back. They need a big summer hit like "Life Is A Flower" as Ace of Base always were a summer band to me if that makes sense??

    I saw their concert in Novemeber in Copenhagen and they were amazing. I got to meet them afterwards and I am pleased to say that Jenny is still as mad as a box of frogs.

    Milky x
  11. They've gone a bit 'Alcazar' haven't they? 'Lose a member and then pose for some moody photos'.
  12. They did moody poses years before Alcazar's members were born...

    Anyway, the HQ pics have leaked. You can see them here:
  13. Jenny's HAIR!
  14. Was Alcazar a 3sum in the first place anyways? and what exactly did the new boy who then left do apart from dance? I don't really know much about them.

    Hey Milky, I agree I have always seen them as a summer band also and many a summer in my teens I remember good times because of some of their songs.

    Jenny has always been a little loopy thats why I love her, Linn was always the moody one who did not ever seem like she wanted to ever speak which I also loved, I just wished that she could of got over her issues and stayed with the band and came back again massive with them both singing leads, but I guess those days are well gone now.
  15. i want them to release the electro version of wheel of fortune!!!
    im doing a new electro night soon in brihton and would love to have the excuse to play a ace of base track!!!!
    love em!!!
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Is the US-version much different?
    I might consider buying it then..
  17. I love the new image. . fierce!she looks hot,and so does Ulf. .not the other guy - should just cut him right out lol . . which one used to be a nazi?Or something along those lines?
  18. Some of the mixes are different because Clive Davis felt that the album was to European sounding for Americans.

    Off was Life Is A Flower replaced by Whenever You're Near Me which was basically the same song with different words but LIAF is way better.

    He Decides
    Travel To Romantis
    are all remixed although the Travel To Romantis remix appears on the CD single.

    And the album includes also the longer original version of Everytime It Rains which is the only song on the album that Linn does all the lead vocals and a song that was originally recorded by Annie Lenox but then decided to pass on and had it not been for Clive forcing her to record the song we never would of had such an amazing song from the band.

    The He Decides remix is amazing, really quite dark although I also did like the euro version, it also includes a different bonus remix of Cruel Summer (Blazin' Rhythm Remix) that was also included on the U.S CD single but I don't think or know if it was included on any other release apart from that.

    If you are a big fan it is worth getting both versions of the album or even all three versions as the 2nd released U.K version also had a few songs remixed yet again.
  19. I renamed the link to the 3rd picture Osiris sent in his first post, so here it is again :

  20. Thanks Sylvain! Premier post! hahaha

    A cool pic from one of their recent concerts:

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