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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I haven't got the see-through one but believe the artwork is exactly the same as the boxset. The sound of the coloured one is OK.
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  2. I would love it if they did a singles box set.
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  3. All 12 AoB TOTP performances in 50fps

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  4. Ben the work you do for pop fans, not just acers... You're an absolute LEGEND! This is so gorgeous.
  5. They need to release this on double vinyl too! Be great to add to the collection!

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  7. Is that actually Linn on the cover? It looks nothing like her.
  8. She always was a bit of a chameleon!
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  9. Yep. That was the American CD maxi-single cover.

    3EA8CADE-792B-495B-B476-304A320BB2D2.jpeg 71BFAAF9-B9D2-44E3-8C84-F94A1B480E45.jpeg 22796FA5-5A5E-4E36-BEAC-77754CDC5A3F.jpeg

    Now there’s this too…


    Podcasts with John Ballard (Jan & Feb 2022)

    Eurovision Legends podcast (January 2022)

    Ace of Base part starts at 54:00:
    - early work with band
    - how Linn worked in studio
    - his opinion about Malin and band's split
    - and many more

    RMN Podcast (February 2022)

    How Beautiful Life concept was born? And what Clive Davis had to do with it? Answers and much more here:

    More stories and anecdotes:

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  10. Gonna check out that John Ballard thing, thanks.

    I would say lower your expectations with regards to that Ulf thing!
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  11. What did he say about Malin and the bands split?
  12. I listened to it a couple of weeks ago, and I do still recommend it if you like any of that sort of VH1 Behind The Music content, but here's what I recall of interest (although not necessarily surprising and obviously it must be understood that this is Ballard's RECOLLECTION and his alone):

    - Linn was quite nonchalant. As much as she was an excellent pop singer, she would commit to a short amount of time for laying down a vocal because she was off to do other things (like "dinner with friends" lol).

    - There was the suggestion that the girls realized late how credits as a songwriter meant greater royalties, so having them write on the second album was birthed from that and less about creative expression

    - There was a fundamental misunderstanding of the public's appetite for "THE SIGN" PART TWO, which is why THE BRIDGE didn't leave as great a mark as it should have. There was almost too much of an emphasis on doing something different and it diverged too much from the formula. (Reminder, this is Ballard's opinion, looking back 25 years).

    I can't remember anything remarkable he said about the band's split, perhaps because as we all know it's manifold and complicated, spanning years...
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  13. So that’s Ballard doing the Latin chant in “Happy Nation,” not Jonas?
  14. Thanks for posting this, I’ve been listening non-stop the past few days. It makes me hungry for a new album.
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  15. It really is a great album, regardless of the fact it’s almost a different band, the essence is still there.
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  16. I don't think so. He didn't seem to confirm he sang that bit. It's credited to Joker in the Happy Nation booklet, and it sounds like him to me. Clearly John was involved in backing vocals - and of course engineering that first album.

    I suspect he has overstated his involvement though to big himself up though. At times he makes it sound as if he was the 5th member! That story about Beautiful Life COMPLETELY contradicts what Jonas says in the booklet of The Bridge - and if he really sat there with Jonas to write the song from scratch, how come he is only credited for lyrics, not music? I'd take a lot of what he said with a pinch of salt.
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  17. Still can’t get over that all these years there has not been one picture of Malin. Has there been any other celebrities that just disappeared without a picture even?
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  18. This has absolutely launched me into a rabbit hole maybe once every couple of years. It puts my brain in knots!

    I think the lack of photos is less a statement about celebrity culture but a testament to the Swedish mentality and approach to celebrity even in 2022... The only way she's remained in control of her (digital) image/footprint has to be thanks to the community she's placed herself in. (And no, I can't think of another example where someone achieved this so absolutely...!!)
  19. On the topic of THE GOLDEN RATIO...

    By chance I had it on in my car this week, (I normally consider it a "summer" album), and it just GUTS me that these songs feel lost to time. Stripped down, every single track is masterful. (The production's quite dated as time goes on, but forgivable in most cases).

    And I do confess, as much as Julia and Clara understood the assignment, I still try to imagine Jenny and Linn together on "BLACK SEA", or Jenny committing to "DOREEN" the way she does so well (I think of her vocal on DON'T GO AWAY and WORLD DOWN UNDER).
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  20. The Golden Ratio shouldn’t have happened without Jenny. Its so sad that it did as the instrumental to “Southern California” is so good, I would ranked it as one of my Top 5 favorite Ace of Base tracks.
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