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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. You know about this version though?

  2. Yeah, I don’t really like it and it just made me wish Jenny wasn’t kicked out.
  3. There are a few pictures of Linn post Ace of Base, but I'm not sure which year(s) they're from. The photos were taken in their local church I believe, and Linn is singing in the church choir in both photos. In one of the photos, she has the Da Capo hairstyle, and in the other, she's got shorter hair and glasses.

    According to Jonas, she looks very different these days. I seem to remember him saying she's got darker hair and that probably no one would recognize her.
  4. Hah those pictures weren't Linn.
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  5. The woman to the right isn't Linn?

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  6. How do you know it's not Linn? It looks exactly like her.
  7. I don't think it does look like her, though I'll grant you some people thought it could be her when the photo came out.

    It's from 2012 and we think her name might either be Malin Marie Wennergren - or Susanne something. Here's another pic of her.

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  8. I believe the woman to the right in the first photo I posted is Linn, and not Malin Marie Wennergren.

    Here is the second photo, taken a few years later. Linn has short hair and glasses (and looks quite different):

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  9. OK, if you want to believe it!

    That woman looks quite a bit older than 42. And from the little snippets of info we've had, we believe Linn now has dark hair and has put on a bit of weight.
  10. That second photo is probably taken a few years later than the first one, around 2015-16, which would make her 45-46 at the time.

    And yes, I've also heard that she got darker hair and gained some weight after this.
  11. No, the second photo is from no later than 2012 as well.

    Oh, and we found out that Jonas told a fan that Linn was no longer blonde already in 2010.
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  12. The woman in the first photo at least is so obviously Linn to me. It looks exactly like her in the Da Capo era (with a fuller face).

    Hair colours change all the time, so I wouldn't take what Jonas might have said to a fan in 2010 too seriously.

    Anyway: We will never get this confirmed or denied, so let's just agree on disagreeing.
  13. If you don't think it's even the same woman in the two photos then yes, we'll just have to disagree!
  14. For the record: I do think so yes. The woman to the right in the first photo is Malin, and the woman with short hair and glasses in the second photo is Malin. The first photo must have been taken prior to 2012.
  15. Well the first photo is cropped anyway? I think the photos might actually be from the same night. It's just clearer to me that it isn't Linn in the second. But we live in a free world!

  16. Jenny is doing Back 2 Festival this summer
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  17. Was it Jonas who said that? Maybe he just said that to throw people off.. if she was trying to hide from the public/fans I doubt he would say how she actually looks now?
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