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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Jonas said she'd gone back to her natural colour, that nobody would ever recognise her and she was "scared of everything." I remember him saying something similar a year or two later in a chatroom.

    And then someone on this thread said they saw her in 2015 and she had darker hair and gained weight.
  2. In those choir photos I’m afraid none of the women resemble Linn to me. Linn and Jenny actually have very similar noses, eye and lip shapes. In the same way that Jenny is distinctly recognizable with age, I feel like even with a bit of weight (which was already happening and visible in both the Beautiful Morning and Unspeakable music videos) recognizing Linn wouldn’t be so debatable amongst fans.

    If and when we one day see photos of her post Ace Of Base, I don’t think it’ll be all that contentious even if she’s aged with weight gain, dark hair, short cut, etc.

    Here’s a great photo of the sisters that highlight the similar facial structure and sibling resemblance:

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  3. Lin is nearly studio-levels brilliant on 90% of this dang
  4. This is iconic not only for her vocal but the close ups on the abandoned instruments lol

    It will always tickle me for that.

    (…was also very rare for just the girls to be on promo duty)
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  5. It's amazing how open a society Sweden is. Her home address, whom she lives with, etc, are all public. From what I've heard, they pretty much leave people alone in Sweden. Had Ace of Base not been a Swedish group, the tabloids would have been knocking on her door and hiding in bushes waiting to snap a photo of her. Someone on here, if memory serves, said that they saw Malin with her niece and Jonas in a supermarket. They knew it was her because of the name the child referred to her as, and Jonas was with them. Malin lives right in the same neighborhood as Jonas. He confirmed this and it all pans out. She sails, has her own boat, and brings his kids out on it. Two things happened in the last two years: there's that Christmas photo of the family in what I imagine is Jonas' kitchen, and there is a woman with her back turned to the camera who has brunette hair. It's no doubt Malin. They even have Ace of Base's so many records sold plaque on the wall. Then there was the random person who had a letter signed by her for business purposes. She used her new name. It's definitely her signature and they made a big deal about it on Instagram saying that she was still alive. It was interesting how there was no evidence that this person was some mega-fan but somehow knew that she was a recluse, at least from the general public.

    Jonas definitely loves to use Malin's name and photos for publicity to sell their latest box sets, even telling fans that she's upstairs, or sometimes she wants to do something musically, or how he may do an album in Swedish with her. I wouldn't be surprised if absolutely none of this is true.

    The irony in all of this is, her disappearing only drew more attention to her. Had she not done that and just bowed out gracefully with abruptly leaving, people would have been saddened, but wouldn't have been so determined to find out what is going on with her.

    Edit: picture disc image.

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  6. That was cracking me up too. It's very "no boys are here but look at this keyboard".
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  7. That's it, that's the post.
  8. I definitely agree about her accidentally drawing attention to herself by entering the "Blurry Linn" Flowers era. I think they course-corrected really well after that, as you can see by how stunningly front and centre she was for some of the Arista Greatest Hits promo images. Her appearance in the C'EST LA VIE video (although not filmed singing) was the right way forward for having her "take a step back".
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  9. The weird thing is that on she is quite prominent vocally on some of the Da Capo rejects, and even the 2005 songs. They surely must've had Would You Believe earmarked as a potential single and she's all over that.

    That isn't "slowly fading her out" as Ulf describes
  10. "Here's an instrument that's playing itself... welcome to Ghost Hunting with (Half of) Ace of Base."

    (Jenny was awful on that, wasn't she? Yikes.)
    Found it:

    Also, the first page of this thread is a scream.
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  11. It still was so flipping weird to see her not lipsyncing along to her own voice and instead holding a cat. I would bet Clive Davis was behind those Greatest Hits photos. He probably wasn’t going to put up with the blurry business.
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  12. I adore that song.
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  13. Well, beyond Clive, we had at least a year and a half to obsess over the Blurry Linn stuff, so I'm sure they were aware of that mistake regardless of him helming anything about the GH.

    There was a short CNN/Billboard piece when Cruel Summer hit the Top 10, with a brief interview (that included Linn sitting in the back). In the piece, there was a voiceover that referenced Linn sitting quietly behind Ulf and Jenny, and showed an image of the album cover, and her visage distinctly out of focus. I guarantee that their management and maybe even Linn herself took note of how that was drawing attention when it was intended to do the opposite.

    ...Or maybe she didn't care! Maybe all she wanted was to signify her new role and was happy to take on whatever came her way thereafter so long as she was allowed to stay in the background as much as possible. I'm sure at some point there was a discussion along the lines of: Linn will still sing and provide creative input, in exchange for being relieved of promotional duties... That could've worked for a while I think (though not ideal or as fun for as fans).
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  14. I definitely think blurry-back-of-the-stage-not-miming-sat-in-the-background-mood-face era Linn was an intentional protest at how she’d be forced to the front and the way she felt about the record label. Linn always came across as being quite clever, I think she knew exactly what she was doing.
  15. I think she just hated being famous, and the pressure of performing. That seemingly gradually became more of an irrational fear over the years, to the point that she now hides away completely.

  16. [​IMG]

    I wonder what this is for.
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  17. Prolly a collage video to celebrate All That She Wants or whatever anniversaries.
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  19. The US mix of Donnie came up on shuffle this morning and reminded me what a choon it is.

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  20. Thanks for the link. I really enjoyed some of the articles. Especially the one with the Flowers photoshoot good job on the magazine.
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