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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Ulf's trousers are a erm little tight HAHA.

    Where was this concert? are they still going ahead with the remix albums before the new one drops?
  2. According to the last rumours, the new album will be a two discs set with new recordings on the first disc and new remixes of their hits on the second one.
  3. Sorry again but will the remixes be re-recorded removing Linn's lead vocals or will they stay with the original vocals.

    Anyone know? it does not seem to be clear anywhere if they are re-records or not.
  4. The new website should open within the next hours !
  5. Oooohhh exciting.

    Hope they keep a classic section up cos I hear they are removing all promo photos of/with Linn but it would be nice to keep something up I guess.
  6. We don't now if the old hits will be re-recorded yet.
  7. Hasn't someone heard a new version of The Sign?

    If you ask me, it should be a new full album as normal (no less than 10 tracks PLEASE), and maybe 4 "2008 Versions" tacked on the end. They always have a remix or some bonus on AOB albums, so that wouldn't look too out of place.
  8. ive got the us version of flowers and the uk version so whats this other version with more remixed tracks on it? help i want it
  9. The american version of Flowers is called Cruel Summer and has different version of songs (Travel To Romantis, He Decides, Donnie) and an alternate (and shitty) version of Life Is A Flower called Whenever You're Near Me.

    The japanese version has a brilliant bonus track called Into The Night Of Blue.

    You have their complete discography here:
  10. The Australian (and impossible to find) version of Flowers also has a unique mix of Travel To Romantis which you can't get anywhere else. Better than the others in my opinion. Otherwise it's a hybrid of the UK and US versions...
  11. You know, I'm kind of scared the new album will consist of no new songs, just re-recordings, and that there will be no other album to follow. Everything on the new site hints at remixes/re-recordings, from Ulf's plea for fans to request which songs they'd like to be remixed, to the music & video remix sections on the site, to the "Redefined" brand. I hope I'm wrong!

    Julien: I love WYNM!!!!
  12. Shame on you! WYNM is DIRE!

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure they've mentioned they are working on NEW songs.
  13. Really don't like these pics. So overdone in photoshop that they don't look human - shame.
  14. Apparently, Ulf announced that the new album will feature 7 new tracks and 7 remixes. The new tracks are ready and the album still untitled. Promo should start this summer.
  15. They look like as if they're the BEFORE shot of BWO on "Ten Years Younger" with that annoying South African woman...
  16. For us mere mortals, the AOB myspace now has the live version of Wheel Of Fortune 2008. . HAWT. Not the full new studio version we've been promised, but we're getting there!
  17. i love ace of base, i cant wait for their new stuff, I read they are working with massive american producers, i wonder if timbaland will be involved with another project lol!
  18. *A* new song "Sparks" has been debuted at a recent concert in Denmark. No word whether it's going to be a single, but it sounds v promising.
  19. After Duran Duran and the Russian Eurovision song I've stopped being surprised by Timbaland's 'projects'. Didn't Coldplay talk half-seriously about doing an album with him? Jesus, that would be the most 2008 album ever (in the same way that the Mark Ronson album is the most 2007 album ever)
  20. Cover art:



    The Sign
    All That She Wants
    Wheel of fortune
    Lucky Love
    Beautiful Life
    Happy Nation
    Life Is A Flower
    Don’t Turn Around
    Hallo hallo
    Always Have, Always Will
    Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix)
    C’est la vie (Always 21)
    Living In Danger
    Beautiful Morning
    Da Capo

    Wheel Of Fortune 2009
    Don’t Turn Around 2009
    The Sign - The Remix
    Cruel Summer - Soul Poets House Bust
    Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry - Sweetbox Funky Mix
    Life Is A Flower - Soul Poets Night Club Mix
    All That She Wants - Madness Version
    Lucky Love - Raggasol version
    Travel To Romantis - Love To Infinity Master Mix
    C’est La Vie (Always 21) - Remix
    Happy Nation - Moody Gold Mix
    Hallo Hallo - Dub
    Living In Danger - D-House Mix - Short Version
    Beautiful Life - Lenny B’s House Of Joy Club Mix
    Megamix - Long Version

    All That She Wants
    Wheel of fortune
    Happy Nation
    The Sign
    Don’t Turn Around
    Living In Danger
    Lucky Love
    Beautiful Life
    Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry
    Life Is A Flower
    Cruel Summer
    Travel to romantis
    Always Have, Always Will
    C’est la vie (Always 21)
    Beautiful Morning
    Lucky Love (acoustic)

    "Here are all hits in new mastered versions. In addition, two completely new recordings, Wheel of Fortune 2009 and Don't Turn Around 2009, made by the band before their world tour in 2009. Plus classic remix of names Denniz Pop, Max Martin, David Morales, Soul Poets, Disco Matic, Tommy Ekman, Lenny Bertoldo, Marc "DJ Stew" Pirrone and others. And a DVD with all the band's videos. And a full-fed booklet with a lot of pictures, new written liner notes and all the facts about the songs.

    All packaged in three luxurious gold-Digipak, surrounded by a nifty slip case with the sticker on the content. A luxury for the fans and to all who want to rediscover the 1990s, the greatest Swedish band. 24 million albums sold!"


    New interview in Singapore:

    The new album was supposed to be out this year but it will be released next year and feature a pop, dance and electro sound.
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