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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know of an archive of the songs from Ace Thursdays? Ultimate Ace of Base had them, but it's been offline for years now, and the Wayback Machine didn't archive them, just the pages.

    On another topic, @AcerBenII, thanks for your work on the magazine. I enjoyed the interview with Ulf and the article about Jenny, and your article about the origins of the Edsel box set.
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  2. I would also be interested in a list of songs that are unreleased that we have not heard yet? Just curious to see if there are many songs left.
  3. I think this page covers it:

    It's out of date, though - for instance, Mr. Ace is in HQ on the All That She Wants set.
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  4. Thanks for posting that link. It is a bit out of date as you say. I wonder if there are any u released tracks that have been mentioned that are not on that list?
    Hope there will be a hidden gems 3 one day.
  5. That list is fairly up to date apart from Mr Ace.

    Excluding songs released for Ace Thursdays or ones we have session singer version, we've not heard these:

    Another Love
    It's Beautiful
    Bombastic Fantastic
    Dance The Night Away
    Tell Me Why
    United States Of Europe
    Calling Of An Angel
    Another Chance
    Ice Cream
    Dance With Me Krishna
    Mene Mene Tekel
    Who Am I (original line-up version)
    Island In The South (if it was recorded)

    There's a lot more than this hiding on old computers and DAT tapes though. How many of those are fully-formed and with vocals by Jenny and Linn, no idea.

    Jonas said about 10 years ago "I guess there is about 80 songs few or nobody have heared, with various vocals quality on them. Then I would say I got around 100 songs in computers that are not mixed/forgotten or for example verses missing. I will restart these computers to get the files out and make them able to listen to."
  6. I see there is now a official Instagram account which is quite active. I wonder if there is anything planned or who is even running the account?
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  7. A fan close to Jonas called Ray often posts on their Facebook.. don't know whether he's behind the latest posts though. There is probably someone at Playground involved too.

    I know there is another Trace Adam remix coming very soon for Living In Danger
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  8. Jonas already confirmed it was him in the comments section under one of the posts. Not sure if every post is by him, but he at least is behind some of it.

    Funnily enough, I mentioned in the comments that I wished the group was on Instagram (as there are so many fan accounts). Three days later they created one. So, you’re welcome. Haha. The WhatsApp group has fans fighting with one another over who stole who’s content on Instagram. Hopefully now that there’s an official one they can concentrate on that. They were acting like representatives for the band, trying to get them publicity on social media platforms.
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  9. Probably confirming that it was official and that he has access to it, but I suspect it's not Jonas posting the pics!
  10. I also don’t think it’s Jonas posting all these pictures. I wonder what the purpose of this Instagram account is for?
  11. I don't think there has to be a big reason. Their social media has been updated on and off over the years. If nothing else, it reminds people that they exist and to go stream their music thus creating revenue for Playground. That's the main reason I think they've been happy to release some fan remixes in recent years.
  12. I was referring to the comments section on Facebook, which we all know is official.

    There is word that a remix album coming or something. Some sort of big project is in the works.
  13. I don't think there is a remix album coming - that was just fans putting two and two together and getting five. There will probably be more remix singles coming over time though, starting with Living In Danger.
  14. I’m still hoping the single mix of Everytime It Rains can be thrown online
  15. I’m still waiting for this to come on streaming. Can’t believe they left it out of the box that was released a few years ago:
  16. I dunno, a person said their friend is working on this project with Jonas. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    It sounds like the original. What’s so great about it?
  17. How long have they been working on the remix album?

    It’s more of a reggae production on this Life is a flower version. I like it.
  18. It didn’t stop them from having both Cruel Summer and Cruel Summer (Cutfather & Joe Mix), which as far as I’m aware are identical.
  19. Not sure. It sounds like the project has been in the works for awhile. I’m impressed with some of the mixes.
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