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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Oh sounds interesting, which songs have they remixed so far??
  2. No idea. At least there’s still interest in the group for these side projects. Playground has done a wonderful job over the years.
  3. They were talking about Trace Adam. He is working with Jonas on remixes but it'll be the odd single now and then rather than an album.
  4. No, not Trace.
  5. I brought it up in the WhatsApp group a couple weeks ago too -- the lack of presence on Instagram and TikTok is jarring when even ABBA found a way to establish a presence.

    When Britney made her baby announcement, I added in the chat... "Now imagine she could've tagged Ace Of Base!" -- then a few hours later it finally appeared!! hahah Such a blind spot all these years to not have AT LEAST an instagram.
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  6. Even if the touring band would be just Jenny, and the boys… a brand new album that’s Lin and Jenny on vocals would just be amazing.
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  7. Unfortunately that's not going to happen any time soon. Ulf said in recent interview that he'd like to go on tour again but he thinks it's even less likely now than it was a few years ago. I think there's some big personal and practical obstacles to overcome.
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  8. Looks like there will be a Q&A with Jonas. Hopefully there will be some
    Interesting questions selected.
    I would like to know if there is a Hidden Gem 3 coming out and when?
    How many unreleased songs are left?
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  9. Ulf says a lot of things...

    This looks amazing:

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  10. Well, usually it's about all the amazing things they're going to do - and a few years ago he sounded a lot more optimistic, so if he's saying a reunion isn't on the cards right now then it probably isn't. I suspect Jenny is the least interested of the three.
  11. Really? She always seems performing live somewhere. I know she said it's her dream that all four of them performed together on stage again but thought it unlikely. If ABBA can come back, so can Ace of Base. That was like hell freezing over.
  12. I have not really followed Abba much but I think Ace of Base is a bit different? Were any of the Abba members not seen for over 20 years?
    I don’t think Linn would give up her private life after so many years away.
  13. That's just it though - she's quite happy performing solo. And if Linn were up for it maybe things would be different. But from what I hear there's still some problems between her, Jakob and the guys. Not to say that it's impossible - I'd like to think one day they'll all sit down and sort out their problems. But it seems they're not ready to do that just yet.
  14. Who’s Jakob?
  15. Jenny's husband. He co-wrote some of the songs from the Redefined era.
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  16. The point I was making is that stranger things have happened.
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  17. upload_2022-4-22_18-42-42.jpeg

    Don't forget to pick up yours tomorrow, if you can!
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  18. Did you get it already?
  19. Did anyone listen to the Jenny interview? Did she say anything interesting?
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