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Ace of Base

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Yes, they kindly sent me an advance copy. Good luck to everyone who is going hunting for a copy, hope you find one!
  2. Hopefully I can grab the vinyl of All That She Wants online for not too bad a price. The single is the first CD I ever owned that my parents had got me for Christmas with a Sony boom box.
  3. I got one off of eBay.
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  4. So new music coming from Jenny soon. She writes:
    Finalizing an EP with the first single Open and Alive out soon! My way of giving back to you for making my first 50 awesome.

    Glad that she is finally releasing new music. It's been forever since My Story, her entry in the danish MGP and the songs from Så mycket bättre.
  5. I'm excited for this. Her album had some amazing tunes that should have been proper singles. Looking exactly at "Dying To Stay Alive" and "Natural Superstar" ... I like "Here I Am" and "Gotta Go", but those other 2 were much better. And "Free Me" was just a weird teaser.

    It is too bad that "Let Your Heart Be Mine" was never released globally. I seem to recall it only being available on Danish platforms.
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Why was Love For Sale, a Flowers era b-side, on the remastered version of The Bridge? Was it always a leftover from that era? (I guess so?)
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  7. Jonas gets a bit confused sometimes about timings. My best guess is that it was post-Bridge but very early on in the Flowers sessions.. like early 97.
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  8. Or.. sometimes songs would be presented for inclusion on one album, then reworked once rejected and come back again for the next. Love For Sale was definitely on the shortlist for Flowers - though it's still possible an earlier version was rejected for The Bridge.
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