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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Jenny still often performs Dying To Stay Alive in her 90s sets
  2. If you check out their now defunct Facebook page, A*Base posted quite a few short clips in the studio where they previews a few different Ace of Base tracks! There was definitely an EP ready to go, possibly an album!
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  3. I liked the sound of their Lucky Love
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  4. Well, this took some investigating ... but I finally found former Ace Of Base singer Julia Williamson! She released 2 singles in 2017 under the name Luxia. I had no idea. Anyone else?

    The first one was Me My Selfie and I ...

    The second was Losertown ...

    Both are Spotify. Kinda bummed that I didn't know about these 5 years ago. Her social media accounts went silent after the releases ...

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  5. Jenny’s new single is out. Not really that great. But I did notice its released by Playground music which has released the recent Ace of Base releases.
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  6. I like the melody but not the production.
  7. The track is growing on me -- though it's a little manic on the first few listens. It seems to be the product of several ideas and I'm not sure yet how cohesive the outcome was. A bit like the coverart, actually!
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  8. New hour long interview with Jenny. She talks about Linn towards the end. Jenny is working with Jonas. She lived with Donna Summer for awhile and her husband wrote songs for her, one of which ended up on Donna’s final album.

  9. Not that it’s surprising but sad there are no plans for Ace of base. Hope we get to hear whatever she is working on with Jonas.
    Linn will always be the most mysterious person.
  10. She is so sweet.
  11. Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas! For the sake of this thread, I wanted to make sure to share here that Jenny's debut album (signed and numbered), alongside her new single, are available on CD here:

    I missed out on "MY STORY" originally, all those years ago, so to secure one (signed) is quite a treat. Unfortunately, they made it available a week or so before announcing OPEN & ALIVE is out, too. On the fence on ordering that just yet.

    In the WhatsApp group, a fan posted a video of him playing O&A in a public area -- a store or something... Hearing it filtered through store speakers in a large space, in a video, was actually kinda neat. As much as it might be slightly over-produced, the depth of sound is there and quite dynamic.

    The melody and chord changes are VERY strong, though. Musically it's beautiful -- and I'd expect nothing less.
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  12. Jenny was kind enough to sign two copies of her solo album for me and the lead single. She also signed her memoir too. Too bad it’s in Swedish and not English. Any hot Swedes wanna translate it for me?
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  13. That certainly sounds like her. How nice!

    And about her memoir... I cannot believe there still isn't an English version!! If only an in-depth fan-translated summary of sorts.
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  14. Unless it was in some sort of sci-fi film I watched recently, I think there is now an app for tablets that will translate a page of a book for you as you hover the camera over it. Might be worth trying.
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  15. It would be an easy translate (albeit with some errors) if the book was available for digital.
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  16. I wonder what surprises they have for 2023 according to the Ace of Base facebooks latest post?

    If I had to guess probably more fan remixes released? Hopefully it will be different songs for a change.
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  17. I have some guesses, then I have items from a Wishlist.

    1. additional 30th anniversary content for A1 era material in the vein of the DIAD mixes
    Oh... I just have the one educated guess, lol.

    1. whatever Jenny & Jonas were working on, despite it being deemed a non-Ace and Jenny-only album project, to be promoted heavily through the AOB channels
    2. 30th anniversary physical releases for a re-packaged HN and TS album release, with bonus discs featuring the "new" remixes and "augmented" cover artwork with foil or holographic textures. MAKE IT LUXURIOUSLY EMBOSSED AND EMBELLISHED.
    3. new edits of the music videos, akin to the Spice Girls "alternative" videos they released for Spiceworld
    Posting in the hopes it manifests ...
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  18. It's blatantly the return of LINN!
  19. I’d be happy with a Hidden Gems 3 as I’m sure there is enough material for one more. It would also be nice to get some new remixes from albums 3 and 4 for a change. Demos of all the album tracks would be interesting to hear, even if they are quite similar to what was released.
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  20. This is incredible.
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