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Acne, pimples, skin issues in general

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spillett, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Name your issues, any good products you use to combat the problem, recommendations etc.

    For me, I still suffer occasionally with breakouts. Not nearly as bad as when I was 16 through to about 25, at which point I went on Roaccutane.

    I'm nearly 33 now though, so it's a bit of a bummer and I have to watch what I eat as too much sugar or processed food breaks me out too.

    I try and use a good moisturiser and I exfoliate. I don't use any particular face wash just water but I do use a benzoyl peroxide cream.

    Any good skin tips? Any tips for clearing up a breakout fast when it does happen?
  2. The best acne product.

    It's expensive, but it works.

    If you can get to a term, get accutane. Best drug I ever went on.
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  3. I love watching YouTube videos where people squeeze and tweeze things out of their bodies.
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  4. Too much sugar and carbs are what make me break out and make my t-zone oily. When I was 16 I found out that taking vitamin A pills basically stopped it no matter how much I ate (zinc also works).

    I'd also like to point out that the "washing your face too much causes it to overproduce oil" thing is a myth. Your face produces the same amount of oil no matter how much you wash it or not.
  5. I wish freckles weren't deemed "an imperfection". I think they are gorgeous.
  6. I'm really lucky that I never had a case of full blown acne, but I do get deep, painful spots. They're fine and take their time and leave with no hassle, but the red pigmentation afterwards can stay for ages. These red spots on my left cheek have been with me for almost 4 years... It's absolutely mental.
  7. This thread.
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  8. A simple 'I don't suffer from it' would have sufficed.
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  9. Seriously though, use it in great quantities. I use the Japanese Biore (it doesn't feel disgusting like normal sunscreen) and I try to use up the tube quickly. I find it really does make a difference.
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  10. I am one oily motherfucker, but my skin is pretty nice. I get a spot sometimes, but who doesn't? I have to use a toner and a matting face lotion if I want anything resembling unshiny skin, but even then I am glistening by the early afternoon.
  11. Hours of my life is spent doing this.
  12. A me tea.
  13. kal


    Wearing make-up is not masc. You are a fem from this point on.

    I am an oily mofo too, and I've embraced it. Shine on, etc.
  14. Furonda, my dear, I know your skin is bumpy, but my skin is flawless, and you look really lumpy.
  15. I have KPRF ie. red cheeks and I want to hide them but not wear makeup. I don't know if lasering them off works, but I'm considering it.

    "Love yourself" yeah I've tried that, I don't like them.
  16. Who said anything about makeup?!
  17. I have 2 hideous spots on my chin at the moment and knowing I have to actually see people tomorrow makes me paranoid. About 5 years ago I was plagued by chin spots for about a year and I always seemed to have a huge one that was really hard to conceal then that would go (and leave a red mark for AGES) and I'd get another one straight away. I really hope this isn't the start of a long spotty spell again.
  18. I absolutely swear by Bio-Oil for 'spot recovery' – pregnant women use it for stretch marks/scarring and I've used it for spots in the past and it's worked wonders. Miraculous stuff, and lasts for ages.

    I mainly use it for taking the red away (which it does within a day or so), but I've also had some success of it just zapping spots. The winter is the worst for me when it comes to my skin.
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  19. I think I'll be in this thread before the week's out, I got bought so much skin cream!!! - the subtle shade of a tub saying "helps turn back your years"...
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