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Acne, pimples, skin issues in general

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spillett, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. DMing her about a spot? Random! Ha.
  2. Is there a decent acne treatment I can get for around £20 (or less)? I've tried Clearasil, Freederm and Lush Grease Lightning without much luck.
  3. Vagisil, apparently.
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  4. Think I'll give that a miss.
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  5. I still have 24 days before I can see a dermatologist about my acne. The wait is unbearable. I randomly got two cystic like lumps of acne in the middle of my forehead last week and they don't seem to be fading anytime soon. Today I got a cyst on the side of my nose, and I also just shaved so that's irritated all the active acne on my chin and cheeks. Forehead is also wrinkly and entire face is covered in scars. Can't even look in the mirror without feeling awful and I need to go out later. Sigh.
  6. You are not alone. I know it doesn't help but just know there are so many suffering too
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  7. Anyone ever gotten spots on their scalp?
  8. Yeah I do all the damn time and they trigger the worst migraine.
  9. So tired of how bad my skin is. Massive blackheads everywhere and spots... they just won't go away.
  10. I was DMing Madonna for advice on how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and she sent me back the GIF of her flashing her tit.
  11. I've been on accutane for about three or four weeks now and it's cleared up the acne on my back ALOT already (and I hope it'll eventually clear my back completely) but my face is a mess. I haven't had a breakout yet but my face is bright red and is constantly peeling, plus my nose has got cuts all over it because it's so dry and I've been rubbing the dead skin off it. My lips are driving me insane too and am constantly having to apply vaseline, which is a pain.

    I really hope my face clears up with it because so far it hasn't been an easy journey.
  12. Accutane is an... interesting time.
    It helped to clear up my skin a lot but after about 6 months I started getting pimples again (although not as bad).
    I think a lot of my issue was diet though - I was consuming so much fruit every day to try and have clear skin I wasn't aware of how much sugar that was and I think was part of my problem.

    I'm actually stripping everything away now and deciding to just wash my face and neck with water. No cleansers and no moisturizer. Lots of people have had success stories with this and I guess it makes sense as 99% of things on the market for acne/bad skin are just full of crap our skin doesn't want/need.

    I've recently tried the oil cleansing method but I don't think it suited my skin type.
  13. Always wary of recommending these types of things because they're so subjective, but I've recently been experimenting with epsom salts – I've been dissolving a teaspoon full in warm water and applying it to my face to leave on for half an hour every night, washing with cold water afterwards, and it's really cleared things up. I read it in passing on a forum somewhere and thought I'd give it a go.
  14. Really interested to know what foods/snacks people eat to help keep their skin clear?
  15. I try and drink a fuckload of water and eat at least some form of fruit and veg a day. The link between diet and skin seems to be so subjective and variable-filled that I gave up trying to work it out years ago.
  16. I used to drink a TON of water every day for years. You had no idea how much of it I drank. It made absolutely no difference to my skin whatsoever.
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  17. Anyone use or have used Liz Earle (for men) products? They have a cleanser and a moistursier that seem to have rave reviews all over when I search online... I'm in need of a good moisturiser at the minute. I spent about 2 months washing only with water and not moisturising. I had some positive results but my skin is just too sensitive and dry to go without a moisturiser.
  18. No one?
  19. Accutane really seems frightening to me. I've always had terrible skin, but antibiotics helped me keep it under control for a good few years. Earlier this year, however, I realised that I had become immune to the antibiotics as the acne returned in full force, it was horrendous. I decided to return to the dermatologist, who told me that Accutane was the only remaining way to save my skin because my skin issues were too severe for lighter stuff. The side effects shocked me to the core, especially the compulsory pregnancy tests and the contract they told me to sign. I don't think I'll ever be a mum, but just in case I end up changing my mind the risk that some of the Accutane might linger and would definitely cause damage to the child freaks me out (and this is without even touching upon all of the other possible side effects).
    I decided against it and told the dermatologist I wasn't up for it, which he didn't agree with (but hey, whatever). Then I decided to try benzoylperoxide as a last ditch effort, despite the fact that my previous dermatologist told me there was no point because I really needed "heavier, more aggressive stuff". Guess what? It has done wonders for my skin and I can't believe it. I'll accept that my skin will never look perfect, but I'm almost back to normal now. To think that I nearly went through all of that Accutane crap when there really was no need!
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  20. Benzoyl peroxide can be really useful it's just a pain that it bleaches everything. What else are you using to clear up your skin @marie_05 ?

    The side effects I suffered from accutane included back pain, bleeding gums, nose bleeds, extremely dry lips (I peeled the whole of my bottom lip off once) headaches, nausea... It was tough.
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