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Acts only YOU remember or like...

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Former member 330, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. It kinda fits in with Beloved, Electribe 101 vibe etc but not. Dug out my cd singles for a play today.
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  2. I have the album she released under Kata but didn’t know about this project
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  3. Close @Eric Generic ! ..... from the inlay:

    Most of "So High, So Low", "New Year's Eve" and "Doesn't Mean That Much To Me" were recorded underneath Kong's Restaurant in All Saint's Road, "Mystery Man" was recorded in Betty's house in Hampstead and the rest were done in Eg's kitchen in Notting Hill
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  4. I'm not usually one for lo-fi, created-in-a-bedsit type albums, but this is a rare example of how it can sound inspired. Somehow they've made it sound pristine.
  5. Four Singles and it
    : the brief career of Leisure Process (International).

    Leisure Process were a duo comprising Ross Middleton, ex-of Positive Noise; and Gary Barnacle, sometime horn-player for hire (have a look, you'll find him credited on many of your favourite 80s/90s tracks). Production was courtesy of Martin Rushent. According to the stories of the time, Middleton pulled a complete vanishing act, and so the mooted album: "Remarkable Men with Interesting Lives" never materialised.

    Leisure Process: "Love Cascade"

    Leisure Process International: "A Way You'll Never Be"

    Leisure Process: "Cashflow"

    Leisure Process: "Anxiety"
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  6. Lots of New Zealand acts that only chart success here.....loved this early 90's pop/rock song from Jan Hellriegel.

    Her biggest hit at #4 in 1992.

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  7. Speaking of NZ acts Deep Obsession came on the other day, haven’t heard them in years.

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  8. I've playing this loads recently after it randomly popped into my head.

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  9. Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about them. Three #1 songs in a row.

    Probably my favorite NZ/kiwi act from the late 80's/early 90's was The Fan Club.

    Their video clips are only online in very low quality...

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  11. I think this cat's in lurve....
  12. Hey Eric, hope all's well, the moment she said "That's where I go to get my car washed" I was gone.
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  13. Better take a raincoat....
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  14. haha, yeah shes hot but a cat doesn't wanna get wet!
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  15. After years in the wilderness only Jennifer Hall has the power to bring @Zarjazz back to PJ.
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  16. I actually came back to message anf about an obscure pop banger that I cant find any info on, but I was extremely happy to meet Miss Hall!
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  17. So here is an obscure band that only released 4 singles (85/92/94/98) and then vanished into obscurity (as if they ever emerged from there):
    The Flamingos (UK band, probably from Sheffield or Manchester).
    They came to my attention on a cassette compilation (Discreet Campaigns) which I bought because of a Cocteau Twins and New Order connection.
    I soon found their 1985 12" This Heat/Kennedy's Car which totally stood out from all the indie-underground stuff from that era. It was impeccably produced synth-pop/electro funk with a fragile singer who was channeling (a future) George Michael, Marvin Gaye and maybe Boy George.
    This Heat:

    Kennedy´s Car

    Seven years later they put out two singles on prime Madchester label Rob´s Records (New Order manager Rob Gretton´s label). Think early M People, Soul Family Sensation, The Beloved. Gorgeous, lush house-pop that despite its commercial appeal went no where.
    Reason For Living (Radio)

    A few years later the did a last single which featured José Feliciano (of all people) and then it was over.
    Icarus Descending
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  18. There were 3 different female groups called Girl Talk in the 80's doing dance-pop music and I find all 3 awesome in their obscureness:

    Girl Talk #1: This British teenage duo may be the best known due to their SAW-produced single "Can The Rhythm", which was fully written by one of them at the age of 12. This video recap of all their 80s singles makes me wonder why on earth they never had a real hit? I find them all great. Shame on you, Britain.

    Girl Talk #2 was an American? trio with European producers and the only one to produce a (Japan-only) album. I do recall hearing their opus "Kiss In The Dark" in Spain when I was really young and loving it.

    Girl Talk #3 was an American freestyle trio whose only single Dance With Me (Baila Baila) was featured on Part 4 of A Nightmare On Elm Street.

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  19. I remember someone posting this years ago, or maybe entering it in a PJ Song Contest...these girls would have been my thing back in the day!
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  20. Since someone started digitising the Smash Hits/Number One magazines I looked to see if they had any sort of coverage there. Both of their last 2 singles they did for WEA were advertised there, but it seems Britain took no notice, sadly. I think they're pretty good.
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