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Adam Lambert - Velvet [4th Album]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, May 7, 2019.

  1. Not interested in this new direction of his career, sorry. Such a pity after so many bops of his three albums.
  2. Thank you! Literally feel the same... I feel like each album can't live up to the previous...
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  3. I've always been able to find a few tracks to take from each release but I've never liked one in full. It doesn't seem likely but I'd love for the new one to have something like Kickin in, Never Close Our Eyes, or Cuckoo.
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  4. On paper this works, but the songs are painfully dull.
  5. OMG those are some of his best! Love your choices...

    I mean same, but with the last album it was hard to pick like 5...

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  6. I'm here for the new direction but not really here for the new song.
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  7.'ve just summed up his entire career.
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  8. I couldn't believe Adam had the audacity to perform "Two Fux" on the Queen tour, given that it's easily the worst thing he's ever put out. "New Eyes" is far better.
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  9. It's sad to read that comment as a big Adam fan. The fact that Madonna is the headline of this long write-up and not Adam (despite the article ostensibly being about his career) says everything about their comparative relevance, doesn't it?
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  10. Yeah. And just to be clear, I'm not an Adam Lambert hater so when I read that article I was a bit disappointed honestly.
    Wouldn't call myself a fan beyond a few songs but it makes me shit itch when I see the term 'real instruments' and what he said about Madonna was naive even if I don't like her new music either.
  11. The actual interviewer comes off as a bit shady, too! This line is, er, interesting:

    "When his publicist enters the room to let me know our 45 minutes together is up, Lambert asks for five more. He is, for better or worse, never quite done talking."
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  12. Haha yeah I did think that was odd!
  13. Making that the title when he said so much more is classic tired TMZ journalism at its best
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  14. Slapping remix!
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  15. New single coming out 9/4. Giving me Elton vibes
    The album “Velvet, Side A” comes out 9/27!
  16. Side A huh?
  17. It's a six track EP

  18. Great new single, Superpower, with an equally slick video just dropped today!
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