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Addison Rae - Debut EP (Snippets & Bops)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. “Obsessed” ended up in my Top 5 songs on Spotify; I can’t believe I denied the power of Raesus.
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  2. That sounds wonderful. If she won't release it, can't it go to, like, a real popstar???
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  3. This is a HIT, I'm shaking. Why is she sitting on this for so long?
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  4. Top of January feels right.
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Oooh I fear that this actually sounds good. The Raepublicans might eat this up.
  6. Do we know who wrote this? I always assumed it was Charli but I’m being told it’s not despite it literally sounding like her down to the vocals.
  7. Because "Obsessed" flopped hard, despite its extensive promo campaign and her public profile.
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  8. RMK


    I wouldn't consider it extensive. She gave it a nice video and one (or two?) performances? I don't know who needs to step in, but if she led with an actual bop like this one it would've gone a lot smoother. Obsessed sounds like a Kardashian speaking, which is fine, but grounds for the general public to lose interest.
  9. She's not with a major label or anything. I'm not sure what the expectations would be for a TikTok star but the video has 24 million views which is pretty solid.

    She got a ton of hate with Obsessed but I honestly think dropping I Got It Bad would remedy that nn. At the very least, the PC Music, not-like-other-gays are on board based off of a snippet & her friendship with Charli. Drop an undeniable bop, give up Big Pop Girl aspirations, and milk these 5 gays for all they're worth and she could have a cute music career.
  10. Oh, you're right. She just did The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. For some reason, I thought that she did the entire late night talk show circuit.
    Oh, you're right. I expected her to be signed to a major label, so I was surprised to discover that she signed to an indie label.
  11. Get Charli stans on the case so it leaks.
  12. Charli has worked with her on many songs, so I'm assuming this is one of them. Madison Love confirmed that she's part of it too.
  13. A Charli XCX co-written album; a dream.
  14. This is giving "album ultimately gets shelved, album samplers on CD-R exchange hands for multiple hundreds of pounds five years later, one Charli penned song gets picked up by a girl band, thread in Comeback Corner" failed vanity project and I kind of live.
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  15. Charli’s rep *insists* this isn’t one of them.
  16. Twitter gheys have noticed if you search the song title on Spotify, her artist page shows up. So this might actually be coming #soon.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. So apparently she recorded a version of Gaga's "Nothing On (But the Radio)" and it's going to be on her EP????
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  19. Not this EP already being the best release of the year and all we have is snippets.
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  20. “I Got It Bad”, the way we’ve won.
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