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Additional Streaming Recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Subwaykid, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I saw a request for this in the Netflix thread and it’s one I’ve wanted to start before as there are dozens of streaming sites and an incalculable amount of content available, I figured it would be nice to have a thread where we could drop in and post about a film/tv show we’ve seen that isn’t on Netflix. For the convenience of readers, try to include which service you used.
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  2. I started watching A Teacher last night on Hulu. Bit of a strange format? I swear episode 2 was only like 5 minutes long but maybe my TV app crashed?

    It stars Kate Mara (AHS Murder House) and Nick Robinson (Love, Simon). A bit of an uncomfortable watch but engrossing.
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  3. Run. on Hulu (Sarah Paulson) was pretty thrilling. It reminded me a lot of that Gypsy Rose mini series, and the acting was excellent.
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  4. Wasn't sure in which thread to post about this since you non-US Poppers don't get HULU - and I have no clue where/how you all can watch this, but for anyone who can, please seek out Happiest Season immediately! I have already watched it twice and it is one of the sweetest, loveliest holiday films/queer films/rom coms I've ever seen. I've already added it to my list of required holiday classic viewings, and I can't recommend it enough. It's a total feel good fantasy, and everyone involved is doing their best work.

  5. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Thanks for posting! I was debating watching this but hadn't seen enough about it on my timeline so I wasn't sure what the consensus was.
  6. I’m really enjoying Industry on HBO Max (think it also airs on BBC?). It reminds me a bit of that Skins reprise where it followed them as working young adults, but better. Also helps that Freya Mavor (Mini from Skins Gen 3) is in it.
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  7. I loved it, but...

    I still wouldn't have taken Harper back.
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  8. Happiest Season is a good showcase of how introverts are superior to people-pleasers.
  9. Lol I watched with my family and they were all annoyed by the outcome as well. We thought she was going to end up with Aubrey Plaza’s character.
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  10. Oh same but I also feel like her making that bad choice was the most realistic outcome.
  11. I thought Industry aired on HBO?
  12. Whoops, yes it does. Juggling too many streaming services.
  13. Apple TV+ - Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, Defending Jacob, Trying
    Netflix- Dark
  14. They aired weekly episodes at first, but released the entire series for streaming on Friday.

    I finished it today and it left me both simmering with hatred for each and every character...and desperate to see a second season.
  15. Watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. Truly one of my favorite shows this year. It’s just so heartwarming and has some really great characters in it. I also watched Mythic Quest and enjoyed it a lot too!

    Because people are starved for gay content. Give us more of it and more content that doesn’t end in sad news/death.
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  16. [​IMG]

    This doesn’t count?
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  17. I'm starting a free trial on Apple TV+ today (for Mariah's special) and just wondered what people's recommendations are for other things I should watch on there before the trial ends?
  18. I'm waiting till the actual holidays to watch but boy I've been tempted. That cast is a literal dream. Hello, daddy Garber.

    I've been on a kick and am thoroughly enjoying KStew's movie choices lately. Seberg is an excellent performance.

    She looks and feels so happy being true to herself that you can really sense it through the screen.
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  19. Ted Lasso, On The Rocks (Sofia Coppola film), Dickinson and Mythic Quest are all good. I haven’t watched any other series yet.
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