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Additional Streaming Recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Subwaykid, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. The Bear on Disney+ is absolutely fantastic, I've done half the series this afternoon
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  2. I loved HBO's Somebody Somewhere. Really adorable and easy watch, great performances from all the cast.
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  3. I’m loving this too, I’ve almost finished it actually.
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  4. I finished it last night.
    So much heart in this fast paced comedy set in a sandwich shop.
    I mean, it's quite amazing tv
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  5. Really loving The Bear on Disney+. Such a fun concept and the way each episode is both hilarious and super intense in equal measure is so good.
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  6. I found The Bear to be one of the most white, heterosexual, pretentious shows I've ever seen. That said, I thought Ayo Edebiri was a revelation and I found myself watching every single episode.
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  7. Finished The Bear on Disney+. Not to be dramatic or anything but it was fucking excellent from start to finish. I hope there’s a second season.
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  9. Amazing! Thank you!
  10. Just wanted to thank everyone in this thread for The Bear recommendations, I finished the show last night and absolutely loved it! Can't wait for season two.
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  11. The Bear was outstanding television, it might top the year for me
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  13. I didn’t know how it would go but season 2 of The Vow managed to be even more emotionally devastating than the first. It really benefits from interviews with big hitters from the cult, but it’s the human stories from people like Daniela and Camila that really gut punch you.

    It’s wild that people still defend Keith, but not unsurprising when you look at his methods of indoctrination. May he die in prison.
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  15. Another Riley Keough tv show? Wig.
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  16. The book that this is based on doesn’t really go anywhere so I’m guessing that this is going to be more of a “mood” sort of series. Good casting for Daisy though. It’ll be interesting to see if the songs actually sound like the 70s megahits they’re supposed to be.

    I think that the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is better source material for an adaptation (I think there’s a Netflix film planned).
  17. Rob


    Tell Me Lies on Disney+ is a lot of fun. Every character is awful but it's really engaging and full of delicious twists. It also has some of the most graphic sex scenes I've ever seen on TV.
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  18. I'm three epidodes into The Great North on Disney+ and it is a lot of fun
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  19. Has anyone managed to watch the Chippendales show with Kumal Najiani on Disney+? I watched the doc about the scandal on Amazon a while ago so I’m familiar with the story.
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  20. Hi, this is the best, most ridiculous show on television & I need more people watching it. A perfect absurd teen soap packed with hot people. Season 2 can’t come soon enough.
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