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Additional Streaming Recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Subwaykid, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Ted Lasso, Servant and Dickinson are my musts. I also really enjoyed On The Rocks. The Morning Show is their biggest show, but it is god awful - and yet, one of my favorite hate watches.
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  2. Thank you @VitaminBee and @lushLuck ! Will definitely check out all of your recommendations (including The Morning Show as I'm a sucker for Reese and Jennifer.
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  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I enjoyed Happiest Season immensely. I'm not one for Christmas movies but this one was great.

    I 100% agree that Harper was trash and they shouldn't have gotten back together. The audacity to bring someone into your home only to have you and the entire family treat them like dirt... I would've ran away and never looked back.

    I'm also glad Jane got her moment to stand her ground during the climax, because I'm so over the "nerdy character that everyone bullies for the sake of a joke" trope.
  4. I'm not that familiar with Nancy Drew (did not care for the CW adaptation) but The Hardy Boys is surprisingly good. Come through Hulu. They've been hitting it out of the park lately.

    Watched one episode so far and will finish the whole season.

    Love the mom. And James Tupper is always a joy in everything he does.

    The entire cast seems like a treat.


    The oldest Hardy brother is pretty easy on the eyes, ngl
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  5. What YouTube Originals docs/shows/flics can you guys recommend?

    I've signed up for Premium as the ads were getting unbearable (while I have adblock on via PC, my smart TV and phone don't have that and I consume most YT videos via those).
  6. I'm halfway done with Tehran on Apple TV Plus and it's iconic.
  7. I’m enjoying Upload on Prime. Interesting premise. Feel good without being saccharine. Robbie Amell is surprisingly charismatic and the lead girl is fantastic. Supporting cast is also fun.
  8. @Cake I'm enjoying it too! I love Nora.
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  9. You just want to root for her! The actress is wonderfully warm and effective.
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  10. I got myself a Prime trial for a month and binged American Gods season 1 as i was a Neil Gaiman fanboy in my formative years. Any other recs would be appreciated both for series and movies (and also docs). I know Sound of Metal and have added that in my queue list.
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  11. I really liked Carnival Row, The Wilds and The Terror. There is also Good Omens (also Neil Gaiman) but I haven't watched it yet.

    Would love to hear some more Prime recommendations too.
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  12. If you haven’t watched Good Omens yet then you definitely should. I preferred it to American Gods and the book it was based on.
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  13. I want to like American Gods more than I actually do. The book was okay, but the series just feels kind of meandering... like nothing really happens.
  14. I loved the first season of American Gods (Bryan Fuller delivering with that gay sex scene... wow) but it is a lot of style over substance. By the end of the first season, I was excited to see where it went and then he left and my interest quickly faded.
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  15. I loved the first episode! Tennant camping it up as Crowley? Yes please.

    I have also watched Lore's first episode as well, it was alright. I loved the animations and "podcasty" parts but the reneactions were not to my liking.

    For movies, i have watched Vast of Night and liked it a lot. It is an old school character focused sci fi. I can easily recommend it, both leads are very likable and they do carry the movie. The ending was a bit meh however.
  16. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Oh, yes, Vast of Night was very good. One of my favorite surprises of the last year. The two leads were a bunch of fun to watch. Agreed that the ending was meh but everything that came before was great.
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  17. Anyone else watching For All Mankind on Apple TV+?

    I started season one back when it first aired and didn't really like it. It was a bit slow and not bad exactly, just a bit bland. But I kept watching because I've ended up loving lots of shows that started as slow-burners, and it was definitely enjoyable by the finale.

    Season two has been a giant leap sorry in just about every aspect of the show, I'm now fully hooked.

    Ed and Karen were like the blandest characters in season one, even when dealing with tragedy I found them dull to look at, but this new dynamic they've introduced with their daughter is really doing wonders for their characters. Their big fight a couple episodes ago was electric.

    Curious where it goes in future seasons. There's no rumblings of recasting even though they're rapidly moving through the decades a la The Crown.

    I'm very interested in where the space program will go in the show, if they'll actually be making progress towards mars in the later seasons.

    Also dying to know if this season is going to cover Challenger. Obviously their world has veered off from ours so much they could just not have Challenger fail in this reality, but I think they should include it some way as it's not only instant drama, but I think an important cultural milestone that brings up big questions about human nature and exploration and what is and isn't a reasonable cost for touching the stars.

    And it's gonna be really interesting to see how the non-space stuff veers away form our reality. They're featuring a lot of stuff like that right now, like Lennon being alive. There was also some mention of the Soviets staying away from the Middle East which has some very interesting potential for what they could show in the 2000s. Does 9/11 still happen in this reality? There's so many interesting questions.

    Give us Rightful President of the United States Al Gore yessss.
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  18. I'm still stuck on episode 5 of the first season after about a year now! I love the premise but the fact the episodes are such slow burners and the runtime is over an hour sometimes has really put me off diving back in.

    I do wonder though, it looks incredibly expensive yet I never see any chatter about this show online? I was surprised it even got renewed for a second season considering services like Netflix rely heavily on social media hype.
  19. If you love indie and classic films, definitely recommend The Criterion Channel
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  20. I finally got around to watching Ted Lasso and I adored every second of it. It's rare that a show lives up to the hype, but this exceeded my already-high expectations. I truly can't think of anything else quite like it; I was smiling ear-to-ear from the beginning of episode 1 straight through to the final moments. If anyone needs a little boost of joy in their life, give Ted Lasso a try.
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