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Additional Streaming Recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Subwaykid, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Has anyone watched Dopesick on Hulu? It stars Rosario Dawson, Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard to name a few. It’s based on a book and focuses on the opioid addiction epidemic (mostly OxyContin and their false claims that it’s not addictive).

    It’s a pretty gripping show and has great ensemble performances.
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  2. It comes to Disney+ very soon in the UK, and I can't wait
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  3. Mean Mums is a cute little New Zealand sitcom which I have really been liking. Season 1 is available on Prime Video in Canada, it's on Peacock in the US, and I think free-to-air in NZ/Aus.
  4. I watched the Beanie Baby documentary on HBO Max. Was interesting but man I didn't realize that the fad was so fast - it felt like it lasted forever when i was a kid!
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  5. I felt the same thing too. Similar to the Spice Girls. It felt like they were around forever but it was more so a blip. A big, amazing, show-stopping one but not as long as it felt as a kid.

    The documentary also made me so anxious. People really buying into the whole thing and what everything was “worth”… I owned a few but it was never for collecting, and I was 7-9 years old.
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  6. Well I’m so happy THIS is returning:

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  7. Brenda, Shay and Kat are such a chaotic trio, can't wait to devour this
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  8. I hope they release it here in the UK via Disney+ around the same time is drops in America. It was such a treat to watch last year during lockdown!
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  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I had high hopes for Marry Me and unfortunately I thought it was terrible. But if anyone is looking for a really solid romantic comedy, I Want You Back on Prime is absolutely delightful. The story was great and Charlie Day and Jenny Slate are as charming as ever. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a romcom as much as I did with this one!
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  10. Ahhhhh!!!! I started watching this over Xmas! I’m so happy for them, I love seeing more queer Pakistani (and wider south Asian) people on tv! It makes me heart happy.
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  11. I’m halfway through I Want You Back on Amazon Prime and it’s one of the funniest romantic comedies I’ve seen in years. Stellar performances from everyone, I wish this was a massive box office smash. It’s too good!
  12. Finally started watching Them on Amazon Prime and it's really good so far.

  13. Can't wait for this.
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  14. A Teacher on Disney + was super good. I feel like they handled the power imbalance of the teacher/student affair really well. I was gripped!

    Sort Of on Now TV (here in the UK) was just the perfect blend of a show with so much heart alongside a crucial message. I am elated it’s getting a second season. I found so much of the stuff between Sabi and their Mum excruciatingly accurate based on the experience many of my other south Asian queer friends have had with their mothers. So so good!

    Okay, Kevin can go F himself took me ages to get through. I struggled with the flitting back and forth between the sitcom and the drama set up. I’m glad I charged ahead though because it properly picked up around episode 6 or 7? Annie Murphy’s range as an actress is scarily good, how dare she be that good?! The ending was strong and sets things up nicely for season 2.
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  15. Oh my god, it's time Sarah Lancashire got her dues. This looks great.
  16. Not sure if anyone else here watches it, but AppleTV have added episodes 9 and 10 of Central Park season 2 and will be adding episode 11 next week. The series abruptly ended last summer, I think because not all the episodes were ready in time because of Covid. But yeah, looks like there’s more to season 2 then I first thought.
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  17. On episode 3 of Pam & Tommy and it’s actually really good so far. Lily plays an amazing Pamela.
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  18. It’s a little on the nose for this moment in time, but Occupied on Netflix which is about a Russian occupation of Norway is a really fantastic watch. I’m gripped!
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