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Additional Streaming Recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Subwaykid, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. The Afterparty on AppleTV is outstanding. It is such a fun show and the actors are all brilliant in their roles.

    Maybe I'm a little daft but I did not expect that ending at all.
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  2. I’ve had “how great is this party?!” etched into my brain for weeks! I loved The Afterparty, such a fun, stylish whodunnit. Really interested to see how they approach season 2. I think only Tiffany Haddish will be returning.
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  3. It got me by surprise. I'm happy to see it got a second season too! I really thought the episode focused on Tiffany Haddish's character was great, so I assume we will follow a different crime that's being investigated by her character for season 2.
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  4. New season of Upload is out! Can’t wait to dig in.
  5. Starting watching this today and it’s great. Robbie Amell is obviously perfect but wow the actress playing Nora really steals the show, she’s so adorable and likeable
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  6. Bel Air is really good. Familiar enough to the original but also different, plus new Hilary is amazing! Carlton though, no!
  7. Has anyone seen Mood on BBC3? Surprised to see that the only mention of it on here was in relation to Jade Thirlwall’s very brief cameo.

    I thought the show was a bit of mixed bag (unsure about some of the musical numbers) but it was definitely absorbing. Most of the performances were great (especially Nicole Lecky and the actress who played her mate/pimp Carly, who reminded me of a younger Jaime Winstone) and the penultimate episode set in Dubai was full of dread and horribly plausible.
  8. Deep Water on Hulu was ok. I do miss the 90's erotic thrillers even if this one wasn't very erotic or thrilling. It was nice seeing director Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction) come back to this genre since 2002's Unfaithful. If only Sam Levinson's script was a bit better.
  9. Hmmm this has put me off.
    I was hoping for something as camptastic and filthy as The Voyeurs
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  10. I had NO idea Sam Levinson wrote it. Can't wait to experience this mess.
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  11. It’s too bad; culturally, people seem to have moved beyond the erotic thriller, or really any eroticism in film at all, and it’s surprising Lyne got this made, even with Ben Affleck. It’s hanging at 51 on Metacritic, which actually surprised me, I thought it would be doomed to a 20-something score. I wonder even if this has been thrown to Hulu to die, if it won’t spark an appetite for something that’s really not developed anymore.

    Oh, and Sam co-wrote this, but yes, drag his sloppy nepotism!
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  12. Chloe on iPlayer is STUN. NING. and absolutely worth a weekend binge. An absolute BAFTA winning lead performance.

    Watch if you like: queen Anna Delvey, scamming and psychological thrillers (ie you're a queer)

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    Between this and This Is Going To Hurt, Auntie Beeb is coming through this year
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  14. Fresh on Disney Plus is nowhere near as smart and provocative as it thinks it is.

    It’s not even excitingly nasty. Just gross.
  15. jtm


    We don‘t have a thread or anything for Severance right?

    I didn‘t want to watch it because I didn‘t want to spend 7-8 hours on what is basically a Twilight Zone episode. But I‘m glad I listened to critics / buzz because it‘s so much more than that. I‘m very excited for the final episodes.
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  16. We do! It's over here.
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  17. This was really great and so beautiful to look at too.
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    Apple TV+ is really bringing it with Severance, WeCrash (a guilty pleasure) and now Pachinko. They are aiming for HBO quality.
  19. They certainly give their shows a massive budget and I love that, now if only they spent a decent amount in promoting them as well? I don't know about the US, but online I rarely see any publicity for their shows.

    And yes, watch Pachinko!
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