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Additional Streaming Recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Subwaykid, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Not sure where to put this but Season 2 of Dollface is now on Disney+ here in the UK.
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  2. Finally. I loved Season 1
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  3. Season finale was fantastic. Glad it's coming back.
  4. Anyone else watching Outer Range? It's a bit network drama but I'm enjoying it. And for a mystery show I do feel like they give you some answers quite fast.
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  5. Just finishing episode 6, and Julia continues to be quite great tv. I hope Sarah and David are remembered come reward season. Superb.
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  6. jtm


    I start to feel like an Apple TV+ shill but Shining Girls is once again fantastic. It‘s very moody and unsettling. Yesterday I wanted to continue with Gilded Age afterwards but the change in tone was a bit too much.
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  7. Sadface™
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  8. Boo!
  9. Aw this is a shame. I didn’t enjoy Season 2 as much as the first, but it’s still one of TV’s best comfort food series with an incredible ensemble cast.
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  10. Been watching The Jim Gaffigan show on Prime and it's actually pretty good, primarily for Michael Ian Black and Adam Goldberg's characters being pretty savage. It is kind of crazy how many comedians and celebrities guest star on it too.
  11. I’m on the penultimate episode of Dollface and I so mad they cancelled this gorgeous show! Sure the thread line this season hasn’t been amazing but seeing the chemistry all four leading ladies have with one another was part of the joy of the show. I need Shay, Esther, Brenda and Kat to all secure Netflix shows or HBO miniseries or something!
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  12. The finale of Julia was wonderful.

    I wonder would there be milage for a Season 2, as it feels like?
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  13. @Andrew Season 2 has been confirmed!
  14. Been watching a lot of Amazon Prime lately - S4 of Mrs Maisel was excellent.
    Outer Range was really good.
    Just finished Season 2 of The Boys, which might be our favourite show right now.
    And I'm watching Season 2 of The Wilds which is still better than you would think.

    Also, the new season of Kids In The Hall (Canadian sketch comedy show).
  15. More gay content coming your way
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