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Adele - 25

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, May 5, 2014.

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    Where did you get this from?

    Where is your father, young lady? Oh Pieeeerrrreeee!
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  2. That hair she had on Jonathon Ross (I think it was) was awful and looked like a wig somebody borrowed from 'Hairspray'

    The low ponytail looked great
  3. As if Adele would need to borrow wigs when she's snatched so many.
  4. Sam


  5. With a little more than one week until street, Adele’s 25 (XL/Columbia) continues to rack up huge preorder numbers. Across all retailers, 25 is approaching 500k in orders. Of course, the bulk of this—over 80%—is digital, since most physical retailers don’t offer a preorder option. (But those that do are seeing serious action: At Amazon, 25 is nearing the record 88k set by Susan Boyle’s debut SYCO/Columbia release.)

    Only two weeks ago, Adele became the first artist to sell over 1m downloads of a single track with “Hello.” Will she become the first artist to sell 1m digital albums in a single week? With current forecasts at 2-2.5m for the album overall, it’s very likely she will.
  6. Just wow, it looks like its going to be a really close call. She will probably only just miss the NSYNC record by the looks of things, which these days is still a massive triumph.
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  7. I really want her to have the biggest first week sales ever. Bye bye bye, N*SYNC.
  8. I don't want her to beat Britney's record, but since she's going to I want her to take down NSYNC too.
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  9. Have I ever mentioned that it's 2015?
  10. Over 2 million?! That's ridiculous and amazing at the same time. I mean that's in the region of all-time numbers! At least she's totally eclipsing Britney's record rather than coming in a few hundred thousand either way.
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  12. Island

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    C'mon Adele. Get those preorders!
  13. Breaking NSYNC's record feels wrong.
  14. Island

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    No, it doesn't. It's 2015.
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  15. NSYNC having that record feels wrong.

    (For some reason, I never really associated an act like NSYNC with record sales. Britney too, for that matter. Obviously they were massive and superstars, but I though a record like that was in the hands of someone with amore all-encompassing fanbase... like Adele!)
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  16. I don't understand why they thought they had to alter her vocals. I admit I didn't like the belting parts from the original version but that's no reason to change it. I don't need perfect vocals. Her performances from Rolling In The Deep or Someone Like You weren't always perfect either.

    I doubt the media or the general public will care. We mentioned plenty of times that Beyonce for example steals writing credits (and dance routines) but nobody cared.
  17. I would be really surprised if she managed to break NSYNC's record.
  18. I reckon she'll smash it with ease
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  19. Not today, Britney stan. If anyone gets a lot of flack for doing nothing wrong, it's Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Thankfully, she has a clean record (unlike actual thieves - Pharrell, Robin, etc.)
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