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Adele - 25

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, May 5, 2014.

  1. Rather Be vibes would suit her very well but I...don’t know if she could pull a full album in this vein off.
  2. Rather fucking Be???

    I’d rather she did Death Metal.
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  3. Adele doing some triphop would be a dream.
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  4. We've received Monster verse from Adele. I don't think we can ask for anything more than that.
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  5. You listened to Il Divo voluntarily? Are you OK?

    Trip-hop Adele would be an amazing idea. Whenever she does do another album, she needs to realise that she has a huge captive audience and it's time to take risks.
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  6. I don’t think she’ll take any risks. I remember I saw an interview when 25 came out and she basically said, I am what I am and I what I do when she was asked about her next album.

    I also don’t think the masses would be here for it. I think she could pump out 25s for the rest of her career and still be fine.
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  7. The next one will probably be titled Adele right?
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  8. Agreed. Although 30 would be nice too (I know she said she was over numbering).
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  9. Sam


    I can’t see her coming back any time soon to be honest.
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  10. Hello is still a triumph, that final chorus.


  11. Sam


    I can’t believe it’s almost 3 years since this was released. It still feels so recent.
  12. Highlight of the era:

  13. The Chewbacca sound at the end still destroys me...
  14. This album obviously got more acclaim than it deserved, but When We Were Young - Send My Love - Water Under The Bridge is a crazy strong run of singles.
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  15. I’m curious to see when she comes back. While promoting 25 she said she’d never take that long of a break again, but if she doesn’t release this year she’s looking at another 4 years between releases. Maybe having vocal surgery again changed things.
  16. Yeah it's gonna be even longer this time isn't it? There's not been an ounce of evidence that she's even thought about album number 4 let alone written/recorded anything.
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  17. Did we hear rumours when she was recording 25?
  18. I could see her releasing in 2019.

    I'll be pleasantly surprised if she releases this year and in saying that, she proved with 25 that she does love the element of surprise.
  19. 25 both feels ridiculously recent and years ago. Havent touched the thing since it came out bar the fantastic singles. And even then, only when I remember they’re on my iTunes.
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  20. She hinted back in 2014 that the next album would be called 25, but we didn’t really have any concrete informtation until a couple of months before Hello dropped.
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