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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

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  2. I adored 25. Bring it on!
  3. I wouldn't mind if she done more uptempos on this album.
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  4. Water Under The Bridge is still incredible.
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  5. Not sure I believe this, teebs. I can't see anything appearing for a couple of years at least.
  6. RJF


  7. A solid 10 track album would be very appreciated, but she'll probably chuck 2/3 great tracks in a sea of filler ballads and chart for 50 years.
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  8. Interesting! A bit more uptempo yes
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  9. I cannot take another album of dreary ballads. She needs to move forward from that.
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  10. She mentioned during carpool karaoke that she’s a big believer in trilogies so hopefully with this 4th album we see her change up the formula a bit.
  11. She also said she would stop naming the albums with numbers so watch her calling it "Adele" for the sake of originality
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  12. As much as I forget 25 exists and didn't have much of an opinion on it, a lot of it does still knock. I'm a sucker for Hello still, while Water under the Bridge, Send My Love and When We Were Young are ironclad.
  13. I'd love for her keep numbering them. Saying that I never owned an Adele record so I don't have any rights to say something anyway.
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  14. Oh wow it's starting
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  15. Dddddd she actually did say in that same interview that her 4th album was going to be self titled. Obviously things can change but we know about the title for 25 years in advance as well.
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  16. I loved 21 and 25 so yes! I wish she would twist a little her sound but considering the numbers her last record did I dont think she's gonna change much.
  17. I'm guessing she won't try writing with Damon Albarn again.
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  18. Not here for another era and an opera album from her. But more bops would be appreciated, if I ever hear a new Adele song at the supermarket.
  19. I Miss You remains that late-night repression bop.
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  20. Mix it up a bit. I always thought Disclosure would have been a good fit for her for something cooler and more uptempo but maybe that time has passed.
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