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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

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  2. A one-sided bloodbath hen.
  3. Normally I'd be as skeptical as anyone but the fact that @Speakerphone confirmed it is enough for me to believe it's true.

    Unless, of course, it gets moved at some point as a lot of these things tend to anymore nn
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  4. God could you imagine if she was like... Here's my new single
  5. The gays would love it, but I can see her getting actual backlash musically if she does “dance” music, teebs. That sound along with her weight loss would not build a good narrative with her audience.
  6. It's about time she doesn't care about the masses, I hope she surprises us.
  7. She's in her hot girl era (not that she wasn't beautiful before) so I would love some kind of banger album just to fuck up the straights and give us a reason to dance. She does tear jerker so well, so a tears on the dancefloor album from her could be amazing.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I expect something similar to Sam Smith's "Diamonds" as far as "dance" Adele goes. Maybe she'll surprise us.
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  9. I mean, she could make an amazing “crying on the dance floor” album… but I don’t know if I expect her to change things up a whole lot. I would love to be wrong though.
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  10. kal


    This is the dream.
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  11. But sure she's not gonna release on ABBA week, they'll pick a different one if she releases (I doubt it).
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  12. Looks like further confirmation:

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  14. Ah sorry, the tweet in Wanted's post wouldn't show up for me, so when I scrolled back to check if someone had posted it already, I thought nobody had!
  15. OK Miss Adkins! Ha choreo era is coming to end even more careers!

  16. Word is that Adele filmed a music video with Xavier Dolan in Québec's Eastern Townships last week.
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  17. Watch the single be called “Goodbye”.
  18. One of the local record stores just posted that she'll have a new album out in December... Hmm. I would expect earlier, though?

    Would love a surprise single and 2 weeks after, the album.
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  19. Her Lambada is coming.
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