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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Word is that Adele filmed a music video with Xavier Dolan in Québec's Eastern Townships last week.
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  2. Watch the single be called “Goodbye”.
  3. One of the local record stores just posted that she'll have a new album out in December... Hmm. I would expect earlier, though?

    Would love a surprise single and 2 weeks after, the album.
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  4. Her Lambada is coming.
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  5. Ever since she posted that picture in Bantu knots and that 'hello pon di other side' meme went viral, I can't stop thinking about a reggae / dancehall album from her dddd.
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  6. kal


    Her Earth Song is coming.
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  7. I'm beyond excited for new music by her (in principle), and a video directed by XAVIER DOLAN of all people is like a gay dream come true, AND I know we're not allowed to comment on the appearance of pop stars on here, but I'm not really digging the new look. She's always looked really tasteful (even back in 2008, when they used to dress her up like Friar Tuck), and good for her for losing weight if that's what she wanted; I however find this russian oligarchess style pretty jarring and really hope it's not a reflection of the direction her sound is going in.
  8. Xavier Dolan directed the Hello music video. This’ll be their 2nd time working together.
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  9. I did not know that and am now going to go watch it again. Amazing. Thank you!
  10. From Deuxmoi which I’m taking to be about Adele since she shot at the Paramount lot recently!

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  11. You mean to tell me Adele, whose return has already been confirmed by several reliable insiders, is being given a high budget for her lead single's video? I'm shocked!
  12. That looks incredibly fake
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  14. UK to America
  15. Straight to L.A., New York, Vegas to Africa
  16. The SNL photo from 2015.... At least it's actually a photo of her this time.
  17. Why do people even bother? Her Instagram is right there…
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  18. kal


    Oh, so we’re at the fake track list stage already? I’m shook.
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