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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Still relevant seven years later!
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  2. "Not My Cup Of Tea"

    These photoshop tracklisting cigs can never get it to 100%, can they?
  3. Now if it was Nah My Cuppa ft WizKid...
  4. And lolz at /selftitled in the URL. If it was a self titled album I very much doubt they'd use selftitled in the URL.
  5. This is forever ingrained in my head.

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  6. kal


    Some new (to me) song titles I found on BMI. This is how you do fake track listings @PhotoshopFakers.

    Alive / Adele Adkins, Sia Furler, Tobias Jesso
    Devil on my Shoulder / Adele Adkins, Greg Wills
    Haunted Skies / Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth
    Komodo Dragon / Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth, Monty Newman
    Saviour / Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth
    Waiting for You / Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth
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  7. Komodo Dragon sounds like a bop.
  8. Sia released Alive
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  9. Why does Komodo Dragon sound even more stan-made than Not My Cuppa Tea
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  10. Just had a quick google and found out what it is:

    "Komodo Dragon" is the thirteenth track from the soundtrack for the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall. While Adele's song for the film, "Skyfall," does not appear on the soundtrack, this particular track contains an instrumental interpolation of the song, therefore making Adele and Paul Epworth co-writers of the song with Thomas Newman.[1]

    It seems the other tracks are all outtakes from ‘21’.
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  11. Adele, after recording unreleased tropi-banger Komodo Dragon
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  13. I think this is from the 21 sessions - she didn’t use the song but some of the lyrics made it into Turning Tables.

    “Under haunted skies I see you,
    Where love is lost your ghost is found”
  14. And 'Waiting For You' is surely just 'I'll Be Waiting' from 21 too?
  15. It’s Over Now better be a cover of Big Ang
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  16. This Canadian radio station host's teasing is making the rounds on Twitter...
  17. It’ll be interesting to see if this is true this time. Surprised the teasing won’t be longer.
  18. There wasn't really any teasing last time, right? I can just remember being in class and Twitter sort of just exploding out of nowhere when she posted the announcement so hopefully it'll be another situation like that.
  19. Wasn't the TV ad the first official tease we got for 25?

    Save us from the Komodo Dragon, Adele.
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