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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Hm, there's a lot of hand action in today's teaser clip. You sure she didn't reprise the role?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Hope this doesn't sound like I imagine it sounds.
  4. This is cracking me up

    cmon authenticity
  5. It will sound exactly like you imagine it sounds. Because it is Adele.
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  7. kal


    It’s frustrating to read so many variations or “why would Adele take risks when her formula works”.

    She’s one of the best selling artists in history. She is absolutely in the best position to take some risks without feeling much financial pressure. Adele’s whole schtick is being relatable and authentic, and turning that into a formula to guarantee sales is cynical as fuck.
  8. Killed another career. It's a mild day.
  9. Not to mention, if artists didn’t take risks we wouldn’t have some of the incredible albums that we do.
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  10. Or that’s not it at all and she just enjoys the music she makes.
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  11. This isn't ok
  12. Luckily It’s not that deep, perhaps I should have just said she’ll throw something out with a it is what it is attitude since 25 was meh overall.
  13. 25 is a masterpiece.
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  14. I, personally, think she should just get a full orchestra and do something captivating with that. But yeah, I can't imagine this is going to sound unlike her. I really don't see her stepping into other genres as much as I think that'd be cool.
    Hopefully it's at least...catchy? Or a real stand out song.
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  15. 25 is clearly a good album and contains some of her best work: Hello, Send My Love, I Miss You, Water Under the Bridge, All I Ask are all fantastic. It's by no means groundbreaking but it wasn't aiming to be. And it's a very worthy successor to 21 which felt almost impossible at the time.
  16. It is a good album but nothing as good as Hometown Glory on 25.
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  17. I may be misreading the thread.... but are we really expecting Adele to drop an album that is that far detached from signature sound?

    I get that ballads are not for most, but I think the fact she dips her toe into the more 'upbeat' songs like Rolling and Send My Love is a nice touch in each album.

    If she wanted to go all sad disco like Robyn that would be amazing, but I just can't see it happening. She just doesn't seem that type of artist.
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  18. Is it unpopular here to say When We Were Young is a great song?
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  19. Better live than the album version, which fades down her big note
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