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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Controversial but having a look at the comments in various places (mainly Youtube and under her instagram post), it feels as if the extremists’ obsession with Adele to ditch her signature sound and fully pull a disco/ EDM era had more to do with her physique change (which is very publicly documented so I’m kinda jumping the gun in mentioning it here) and less with a desire to see some exciting artistic growth.

    She could churn out a dozen more of 25 and I’d still not love her any less, so yeah. More power to me.
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  2. Hello was the perfect song to come back with after 21 and as much as people love to just label all her music as "the same", that song did tap into more of a soft-rock power ballad type sound that she hadn't done before. Granted it was a very Adele/contemporary version of it and she didn't fully take it there like I would've liked but it has earned its place as one of her best singles.

    I'm happy for Adele to stay in her adult contemporary lane while flirting with different genres/tempos which she's always done, but I must say the concept of an Adele piano ballad is very... done at this point so the clip doesn't fill me with excitement. I'm hoping it doesn't really represent the song but not in a "I want her to record disco bangers" way.
  3. In a post-good 4 u/deja vu world, Lionel Richie would’ve been eating good from Hello’s royalties.
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  4. Personally, I’ve found the idea intriguing ever since Sam Smith, also famous for their ballads, embraced a different sound.

    I genuinely believe Adele would sound flawless on something akin to How Do You Sleep or Dancing With a Stranger, without sounding like she’s completely abandoned what made people fall in love with her.

    That being said, aside from Rolling in the Deep, I’ve always preferred her album cuts versus the singles.
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  5. kal


    Adele on a song like Diamonds, or My Oasis would be instantly brilliant.
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  6. It would be great if she does a cute 30 remix album for her gays, though.
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  7. I'm not really sure that's true. Disco/Dance has been traditionally dominated by 'bigger' (for want of a better word) vocalists. I think it comes more from a feeling that her voice would be amazing on a track with a beat, especially as we've long established her prowess at big ballad types.

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  8. Again, no one is asking for straight up EDM bangers just something else please.
  9. Problem if she went dance is nobody would buy it. Thats what happened with Sam Smith, everybody can praise Diamonds etc but the album sold little.
  10. I'm happy if she delivers "more of the same", as long as it's the same high quality. There's a tendency among a certain cohort of music fans to expect singers, especially female ones, to all be like Madonna or Kylie and change their musical styles dramatically. I just don't think we should expect that of most artists.
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  11. Well that roll out being a mess probably had a lot to do with that considering they should have released it right after Dancing With A Stranger smashed and not like a year later.
  12. And there may well be something else, outside of the (let me say it again) fifteen seconds of music we have heard.

    (As for Sam Smith, some of their last album was decent but did it ever need to be; if Adele ever released a slogfest like The Thrill Of It All I'd disown her for good.)
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  13. Wasn’t that due to an atrocious roll out, delays, and the decision to release the album months after the singles had smashed and all hype had passed?

    And, everybody would still buy/stream a new Adele, even if out of pure curiosity. She’s in the best position of her career to do something different, because the appetite for new music is so large and she is guaranteed to get the support of radio etc.
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  14. kal


    Adele not selling 50 million copies of her latest album - how will she sleep?
  15. I’ve always figured this was label meddling? It no doubt terrified label higher ups that a Sam Smith album could be more upbeat, hence then in turn overloading it with the complete opposite.
  16. If some us only had 0.01% of the success she has with a 'formula', I bet none of us would ever take a risk to change it too.

    But to put our own opinions on this forum about it - that's free! Please, a few more pages of whining couldn't hurt at all.
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  17. but why something else? To satisfy who? Being in a position where it’s less risky doesn’t mean she has any interest in that? You don’t shift sound just because you can.

    She reminds me of Barbra Streisand in the respect that she knows her sound, leans into it and she’s happy with that.
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  18. So many artists have stayed with a certain style and sound throughout their entire careers and are considered musical legends. As long as she's happy making the music she's making, then good luck to her!
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  19. The gays on popjustice and/or twitter.
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  20. The entire purpose of a forum is to discuss your opinions and ideas, no?
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