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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Waiting the "But AdELe iSn'T an image [email protected] WhY yoU GuYs WaiTing a Disco Dance tEcho CovEr??www??°²w"

    At least she's keeping it consistent when it comes to giving face and beauty through all the boredness, I guess.
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  2. What a weird choice for a cover. Hate it.
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  3. Not these covers in succession giving "I am looking (respectfully)"
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  4. "But not my friend who dressed me in that Jamaican bikini top. She can rot."
  5. It's full of dance bangers, confirmed
  6. It's giving
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  7. The 34 cover she continues following this sequence

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  8. No preorders yet then?
  9. The cover is… not great. To go colour for the first time in a while, it should have been an image that needed to be seen in anything but grayscale.

    As it stands, it’s not doing anything for me but let’s see how it sounds, importantly.
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  10. The album cover looks like a chick lit you’d pick up for £1.99 from The Works.
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  11. It took her 3 albums to open her eyes and a 4th one to finally see some light!
  12. Just coasting along yet again but her eyes are open, slay us Adele!
  13. Reddit comment: "She's in color now and she means business!"

    I like the color palette, but I think it's a weird composition. Her head should be further up and further to the right in the frame, and her neck looks ... off.
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  14. I don't know if I like that cover or not, but the fact that the light is more focused on her hair than on her face is distracting me.

    Maybe it's not the album cover though? We should see soon, I guess the pre-order will be up on Friday.
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  15. RMK



    It definitely feels like a pivot from the last few, but I wish it felt less like a cropped iPhone screen-grab and more effective.
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  16. I really like the colour but the cropping is off to me, I feel like she needed to be slightly more zoomed out with a bit more neck visible - see e.g. the ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ single cover.
  17. I enjoy it but some shoulder would've been a serve. She is giving us neck which is something fresh.
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  18. Waiting for The Gays™ to photoshop the Joanne pink hat on her and mirror the image.
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  19. I never really liked her album covers and that one changed nothing in my opinion.
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  20. That note is empty-headed, Instagram psychobabble. I can't.
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