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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I just saw that Simon Emmett was the photographer. He also did these


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  2. This explains… a lot.
  3. I’ve just checked, and after six years, there’s still not an LP version of 25 with the deluxe bonus tracks? XL hunties, you had one job.

    (There’s no LP of 21 with the deluxe bonuses either, but what’s news to me is that there were deluxe bonus tracks! We didn’t get them here in Amorrica.)
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  4. Does it though? We've seen one trivial but perfectly serviceable profile shot of Adele looking like Adele that is nowhere near as unflattering as either of these photos.
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  5. Yes, it says Simon Emmett is a shit photographer.
  6. What a blah cover.
    Clearly I'm in the wrong profession if poorly taking photos on my iPhone would yield clients such as Adele and Kylie!
  7. The Golden cover is great though.

    The Disco cover is an outstanding concept severely let down by a photo that doesn’t even look like Kylie. Sorry, Simon - you are the weakest link. Goodbye.
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  8. I still think she looks like she is seeing things nobody else sees at the after party.
  9. She looks stricken in that photo. Eek.
  10. I never want to see that Disco cover again.
  11. What are the chances we get a live UK performance? I saw she is on Radio One on Friday.
  12. Song length is 3:45, lyrics by Adele & Greg Kurstin.
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  13. Is this coming at midnight tonight or midnight Friday?
  14. kal


    Should be tonight.
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  15. Her post says Midnight UK right? So in less than 13 hours.
  16. Surely she will release the video at the same time, they want her to be all over radio and TV for a whole month prior to the album release I'm sure.
  17. Superstar

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  18. She's so fucking cute, I can't. If you never listened to any of her music, you'd think she was living this fabulous life and never dealt with so much heartbreak. A queen.
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  19. SBK


    The disco cover would be much better if the physical version was mirror board for the white/rainbow parts like they eventually did for the LP with the extended mixes. But Just a straightforward photo it was a bit amature looking.

    It's a photo, the nicest, perhaps not... but let's not pretend that artists like Kylie and Adele don't have the final say in what photos are used for their artwork.
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