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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Minimalist but totally works. Far better than "Hello" (which did NOTHING for me). And yes, the piano is the sonic ornament that brings this song to life (over and above Adele's voice).
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  2. SMG


    On first listen, this strikes me as a better listen than 80% of 25.
  3. RJF


  4. Her power!

    Not me jinxing the thing by bringing up Tori a couple pages back nn. The first verse/chorus part of the video was very Jackie's Strength, which is a very good thing as that's my favorite Tori video. The shot of the back of the car gave me Cornflake Girl too, but that's just because I already had Tori on my mind. (It also gave me Beverly Hillbillies...) But regrettably she's also taking Tori lessons in diction, which is the one flaw in the song for me. Honestly I like it better on first listen than Hello, though I can't see it growing on me as much as Hello did, because just by the laws of probability, she can't have two lead singles in a row that are that good.

    I had a chuckle at the vinyl crackle still coming from the tape.

    When it turned to color - what a moment in her career that is most pleasing to me.

    Now get that album pre-order open please, Miss Laurie Blue.
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  5. Initial thoughts are its a great Adele track but not a great Adele lead, she set the bar high with the first three.
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  6. It sounds like it was made in an adele song generator but I like it (for now).
  7. Compared to her previous lead singles I was rather whelmed.
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  9. Beautiful song and video! I don't care if she makes the same records for the rest of her career if the quality continues to be this high. Her best songs have that extra layer of magic that just gets me
  10. Adele’s releases are like the most perfunctory thing ever but perched to see if the album holds any flavor.
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  11. I like it and I know I'm gonna be belting it out quite a bit...

    ...but it's not big enough for a lead. She's been gone for six years. This ain't it.

    (And NO, I was not asking for or expecting a dance record!)
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  12. Shame can’t see anything signed.

    love the song though. Welcome back Adele.
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  13. That Easy into the middle-8 soars (she could easily give us great soft rock)
    Someone drop off an edible and let me live
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  14. Haha she doesn't need to bother with signed CD singles for 99p
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  15. You can always trust Adele to sing about a river in a dilapidated house.

    The song is an Adele song.
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  17. I wish the backing track was a little louder, I thought it was just piano until I put my ear closer to the speaker.

    It’s a good song, is it my fave Adele song? No but it will most probably grow with the amount of radio play it will receive and I will hear!
  18. "I had no time to choose what I chose to do" is a bar. I like the hook.
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  19. She definitely released a song. Good for her!
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