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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Stunning song, her voice can sell anything.
  2. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hello tbh. It just never stuck with me, so Easy On Me is a welcoming surprise for me. I really like the melodies in this, and the kick that drops halfway through the song.

    she’s proved to have the chops to sing big dramatic songs but this proves she doesn’t need to do that all the time. Like a weight has been lifted on her, sort of like a victory lap.
  3. Even though I'm not the biggest Adele stan, Hello really packed a punch when you first listened. She's lucky she is Adele and literally no other pop star because I think this one might have fizzled a bit quicker than usual otherwise.
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  4. I already have such irrational hatred for this lyric ddd.
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  5. For the love of god, give us an alternate cover somewhere.
  6. HMV (and I assume Target eventually?) already announced they'll have one.
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  7. I swear to God, if I buy one copy from HMV for the alternate cover and one from Target for the bonus tracks...

    Well, I won't do it, but I'll be disappointed to not have both.

    It's a pity HMV's vinyl doesn't have the alternate cover too.
  8. I'm sure there's gonna be a few cute gems on the actual album.
    I mean I don't see it happening and she'll get away with it. The way people got into a tizzy in this very thread at the slight mention of a change for Adele concerning the actual music instead of the usual piano backed ballads is still cracking me up.
  9. HMV confirmed:

  10. From what I’ve gathered from interviews of both women around this divorce music, they both spoke pretty…fondly of the relationship ending. Like “no one did anything wrong”, “I don’t hate him”, “I fucked up too, it went both ways”, like very mutual endings. Likely why both star-crossed, and now this, aren’t exactly as biting as we were all expecting
  11. Not the best divorce song of the year and not the best song released today either (stream pinkpantheress)

  12. Can’t wait until I can find a HQ version of this for my Apple Music!
  13. Edu


    I was't expecting her to go straight to a poppers o'clock pop banger to change things up... But something different than the material she has already released ten or five years ago and with new collaborators would have been more than welcome. I've always wanted her to release a lush, trip-hop-inspired sad track with soulful vocals on top of a melancholic electronic base or maybe something like Jessie's Remember Where You Are, leaning on a 70's soul sound but still very emotional, instead of just reworking the lyrics of an old demo from 2014 that she found on her laptop or whatever Easy On Me is. 'Cause we know she has the vocals to do more than this... But I don't know if she has the taste or even the drive to try something else.
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  14. This is disappointing. I’ve listened about 29 times and it’s not getting any better
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  15. She did what she had to do.

    #1 in 70 countries confirmed.
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member


    This is actually… kind of bad.
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  17. Forgive the cynicism, but the way the music video just transformed this from "Adele By Numbers" to "Adele By Parody"... This'll take over the world.


    Have you tried... 30?
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  18. Some of the lyrics read so beautifully. I love the piano melody too. Agreed that it's not as immediate as Rolling In the Deep or Hello, but it's a gorgeous track all the same.
  19. My flatmate has been playing this on repeat for the past 45 minutes...

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