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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I genuinely love it teebs
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  2. Perhaps this is connected to the slight dip in quality.. album cover included. I guess there’s different A&R? The piano and the first verse remain blissful, but as a whole it didn’t hit me the same way that she usually does.
  3. I’m ready for Kelly to throw some hands

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  4. Yeah, this isn’t very strong as a lead single. Hopefully, there’s better stuff on the album.
  5. This would have been bottom-tier on 21 and mid-tier on 25. How is this what she comes back with 6 years and a divorce later I-
  6. It’s a very standard affair, but her vocals are gorgeous on this. The vocal gymnastics these soccer moms will be doing in between their drop-off routes…
  7. I mean, this outcome is completely predictable when she just repeats the same formula dddd. “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” wins again. But good for her. There’s always a market for dull heartbreak songs.

    I think it’s more interesting when artists with streaming and sales power dare to play with genres and use their strength to push music (theirs and the general direction of it) into new landscapes. An extreme example of this is Billie Eilish, but I’d love to hear Adele over some uptempo bossa nova, or some ‘80s soul. I understand not every artist is comfortable doing that. I’m not sure why I was expecting Adele to deviate from *any* part of the template. Maybe the slight image change threw me off, I dunno. I’m just ranting at nothing now. It’s just so …. obvious. Even down to the numbered title, album cover, etc.

    The way people are blown away by the video going from greyscale to color really says it all ddddd.
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  8. If I heard this on the radio I would genuinely not realize this is a new song.
  9. She really does sound beautiful and to me it sounds very 19/21. I really started to hate her voice by 25 because on a lot of songs it just sounded so strained and shouty. It's got that sweetness again.
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  10. And then there's:
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  11. I liked the song but its not particularly memorable. I'll have to see if it sticks a bit more on repeated listens
  12. I mean... yeah just nothing new to add to the reception here, much like the single doesn't add anything to her discography. I'll tune back in when the next song is out.
  13. It’s giving…it’s giving Edele for me.
  14. Giving us:
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Is this going to become the "photos of popstars doing jazz hands" thread the way the J*sy thread became the "YouTube embeds of songs with 'boy' in the title" thread?
  17. She sounds (and looks) gorgeous, so that's good. I agree with @Suburbia that it's the least strained/most at ease she's sounded on record in years.

    The main piano riff + Very Emotional Gesticulations that took up the second half of the video were giving me The Christmas Candle, though. And the switch to color wasn't a novel choice in itself, but I did find my eyes basically breathing a sigh of relief once it happened so for that I thank her.

    I don't know. Like, it's fine, but for her first lead single in six years - and especially compared to the last one - it's very...whelming. If I'm honest I found the pre- and post-song chatter more compelling to listen to than the song itself.
  18. It's a lovely song no doubt about it, and she has played it safe. I am really liking it, and the video is nice too.

    It's not very single material, and more of an album track to be honest.
  19. Sounds like a song she should have released in 2015. Problem is it's 2021.

    My Mum likes it though and that's her Xmas present sorted.
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  20. My opinion right now is driven by emotion and so it's not critical or very interesting and I figured this wouldn't be a bug hit here, but I feel really endeared to it. I honestly think it's because so much around me is/about to be changing and it feels...familiar and warm. I think she sounds like she's straining vocally so much of the time, even on record, but she sounds really beautiful here. She sounds comfortable. Lyrically I like this much more than I like Hello and a lot of her other bigger songs. This feels...more raw and cutting than her just being pissed and sad that someone had the nerve to move on. Which is a relatable feeling, too, but this is just more...vulnerable than that? I don't know. It's hitting me in my chest, so she's done what she came to do!

    I do wish there was more going on production wise, though. The melody is really nice feels one note in that regard.

    Hello came out during a really exciting and tumultuous time in my life and it felt really warm and comforting to contrast with the colder weather and aforementioned life changes and this is giving me the same feeling, safe as it may be. I do hope she has experimented with the album itself, though. I get why this is the lead, even without hearing the rest, but I hope there's more to discover once we get the full body of work.
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