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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Based on her interview with Capital this morning, it sounds less like she released it because she thought it was a representation of the album, and more because she’s been sitting on it for nearly 3 years and wants it out ddd
  2. She should have just kept it as a bonus track or something then ddddd.
  3. The song is just nice. She uses her head voice a lot in the chorus. I would have preferred her to belt more and maybe it would have given the song something extra.
  4. Well I didn’t say she exclusively played every instrument in every song.
  5. It is a gorgeous song and I love how her voice sounds but it's rather forgettable isn't it? Sounds like 'buzz-single-before-proper-first-single'.
  6. I wasn't a fan of it last night but it's kind of hitting this morning. The second half is gorgeous.
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  7. Sam


  8. She knows her power, honestly queen behavior.
  9. I went to buy tickets for the 21 Dublin show too but they were sold out. That album took off like a rocket. So, I ended up going to Oslo to see her with my Mum.

    We arrived early to have a drink and food somewhere near the venue. There was a big black bus up the narrow side street and as we walked past my Mum goes “there she is”. I said not to bother her and keep walking! My Mum then spun on her heel and ran towards the bus. I was mortified. She interrupted Adele mid fag and make-up free.

    Long story short, got a pic and told her we couldn’t get tix for Dublin so said we’d make a weekend of Oslo. Walking away and she calls us back for her tour manager to put us on guest list for Dublin date. Truly a genuinely lovely woman.
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  10. She does sound gorgeous on the track, but I won’t lie, I will be very anxious hearing her sing it live for the first time.
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  11. Yes not exclusively!
  12. Hmm even as someone 100% on board with a traditional Adele affair, I find the song kind of weak as a lead single, though. It certainly doesn’t have the drama and the carry “a statement” that Hello does, and I’d argue that expectations were even higher then. Something about the lyrics are too vague and undercooked when it’s basically the same message as Hello and When We Were Young.

    Edit: Oh, I just read the interview about this being a love letter to her son. Didn’t catch that.
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  13. Great song.. she really is just other-worldly... if it was anyone else singing it... it wouldn't hit... but her vocals just transcend the whole thing.

    I'm so happy she's back.

    Also.. she's hilarious. More interviews please
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  14. No time to watch/read interviews yet, but has she addressed abandoning the plan to give this a more traditional title and going for another age?
  15. Cinematic parallels "<3"



    The strings in “Tired” and “Chasing Pavements”… a moment that is most pleasing to me! Eg White productions really had their foot on Radio 2 listeners’ necks around that time.
  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    One thing I will give Adele credit for despite the song being a glorified demo is she has the single, video and album all lined up and ready to go instead of

    "Album?Al-böùm? Whatever do you mean? Teehee!"

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  17. Adele may not be a Karen herself, but she sure likes to make music that appeals to that demographic.
  18. Thinking about this again and the “oh ok nice” is sending me for some reason
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  19. Nn I was waiting to say this. Though even he’s been more adventurous (albeit very cynically) than her.
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