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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Great song.. she really is just other-worldly... if it was anyone else singing it... it wouldn't hit... but her vocals just transcend the whole thing.

    I'm so happy she's back.

    Also.. she's hilarious. More interviews please
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  2. No time to watch/read interviews yet, but has she addressed abandoning the plan to give this a more traditional title and going for another age?
  3. Cinematic parallels "<3"



    The strings in “Tired” and “Chasing Pavements”… a moment that is most pleasing to me! Eg White productions really had their foot on Radio 2 listeners’ necks around that time.
  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    One thing I will give Adele credit for despite the song being a glorified demo is she has the single, video and album all lined up and ready to go instead of

    "Album?Al-böùm? Whatever do you mean? Teehee!"

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  5. Adele may not be a Karen herself, but she sure likes to make music that appeals to that demographic.
  6. Thinking about this again and the “oh ok nice” is sending me for some reason
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  7. Nn I was waiting to say this. Though even he’s been more adventurous (albeit very cynically) than her.
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  8. Hello from the other side

  9. I found her comment to Capital so interesting. “I feel like I’m gonna give people what it is that they’ve been missing while I’ve been away.”

    Like, benevolent, but cynical queen? I kinda thought she would be past the point of catering to expectations.
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  10. Yeah, I found this to be interesting, too. It's very workmanlike in its approach, which I can appreciate, especially considering she seems to derive a lot of fulfillment from her experience of life and her relationship with Angelo. She doesn't mind clocking in for a couple years at a time, then clocking out—and when she's on the job, she seems to aim for efficacy rather than some kind of transcendent artistic experience. She's obviously capable of both simultaneously, but that kind of breakthrough might depend on the timing and alchemy of her life.
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  11. God damn I missed Adele press interviews
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  12. Just caught up with all the interviews. Amazing. She’s been so missed.

    “I ain’t panicking… he can panic”

    Shake the world a bit Queen.
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  13. kal


    Underrated bop.
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  14. It’s a nice song but a rubbish lead single.

    See you all in November.
  15. I read this as shade. Like, "All right, you've had all the other singers in the world, but they can't do what I can do, now can they?"

    (I'm not saying it's merited.)

    Eazy on Me
  16. Do we know yet if she’ll be submitted for Best Lead Actress at the Oscars?
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  17. I think this would be a cute album track. We needed something different for the first single.
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