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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Luc


    Don't know if this was posted already, but a physical CD single for Easy On Me will be released next week in Germany (10/22).

    [​IMG] Pre-order link : Easy On Me: CDs & Vinyl
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  2. Are CD singles making a comeback in Germany or something because I’ve seen them being released more and more there lately?
  3. She’s another one who needs to switch it up just a bitsy.
  4. Ummm Lana did not go to the men in music business conference for y’all to call her new music boring
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  5. Greg Kurstin babe… well, the things I would do for an Adele cheque.
  6. Was it even real though? We've had so much made up info this past month.
  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    This is a Greg ‘Popjustice Hall of Fame’ Kurstin production? Christ, she really smushes out the idiosyncrasies of her producers, doesn’t she.
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  8. Is this a 1-track cdsingle ?

    The Japan edition will include three bonus tracks, the ones from the Target edition, I suppose
  9. kal


    I wonder if it’s the opposite - producers going out of their way to make it as “Adele by the numbers” as possible so it gets chosen/smashes?
  10. I think it was, but only time will tell. It was around the same time as the “Easy On Me” shoot. The guy removed his post after fans found it.
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  11. <3 Wilson Phillips

    Wasn't it the Conference For Putting Down Women Of Colour she attended?
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  12. R27


    This is so unremarkable. The fact that a read a review describing it as "bold" while another lauded her for not succumbing to modern day trends... Is this creative stasis really any better though?
  13. Just rewatching her Carpool Karaoke for the millionth time. Effortlessly eating her CDs, and Corden constantly having to "out do" her
  14. It's...fine? Does it reinvent any wheels? Well, no. But I won't turn it off when it comes on.

    It would be fun if she switched up her sound on a few of the album tracks, but anyone who goes into this expecting something radical is always going to end up disappointed. She moves way too many copies carrying on as she's always done.
  15. Ok now that the excitement of the first listen/having her back has worn off, I'm whelmed. She sounds amazing, it's fine, but yeah.....give us something else Ms Adkins. I wouldn't have minded her coming back with another piano ballad if it was as powerful as Hello, but this is pretty average.

    I'm not calling off the album, I'm sure it will be solid. It's been 6 years since 25, she knows what the general public like from her, I guess this is good for a reintroduction in that sense.
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  16. I know this is supposed to be a gotcha but it really just makes me gagged since I had no clue as a casual fan that Adele even played instruments and yet she knows how to play multiple? Queen of serving a myriad of talents! PopJustice will fume more!

    Wait, let me save this post and be on the look out if any of the fans of the world's most famous ASMR musician try to have a sudden issue with repetitive musical soundscapes once they no longer features lyrics about coke use and romanticizing gentrifying poor trailer park complexes.
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  17. I literally forgot Adele even played guitar dd. I feel like it's been ages since I've seen her do it.
  18. Nah it’s a collector’s item and she is huge enough to justify the effort because there may be a couple 100 people that never heard of iTunes/Spotify and another couple 100 who pick it up in Rossmann which is kind of our Boots.

    From the straights at work to my friends I think of anyone who bought a CD single within the last couple years if my life would depend on it. I myself may have been the one buying a single most currently - Pretty Girls by Britney and obviously just for the collection.

    With Easy On Me it’s… it is not the problem that it sounds like any Adele song the problem is this specific one just doesn’t sound like one of her better or best which should be the case for all the wait and since it’s a lead.
  19. Didn’t Adele herself play the drums on Hello? Now that was a lead single!
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  20. Yeah Chasing Pavements, Rolling In the Deep, and Hello are certainly unbothered.
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