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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Just came here to say that I love Easy on me and that it's always a pleasure to see her slay so hard.
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  2. I’m finding this list pretty fascinating. When We Were Young being the top legacy song is pretty interesting because it didn’t feel as omnipresent as some of her other hits at the time. Happy that Miss. C. Pavements is still making a good showing - it’s her best song for me, and I always worry it will get lost in the massiveness of her subsequent songs. Surprised at Hello being so low on the list. I would have predicted it to be at the very top of the list to be honest.

    But yes, an act. Her singles discography is really quite sublime.
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  3. Her discography is amazing so far. Not a bad song.
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  4. Yeah I agree regarding the surprise at When We Were Young, however it’s my favourite Adele single, I just didn’t realise it was so popular with the GP. And also agree I definitely expected Hello to be her most popular song behind Easy on Me.
    I wonder if they’ll pre release another song/single pre album release? It’d make sense as once the albums been out a week or 2 millions of people are gonna have them all, best try and get in with a 2nd successful single before everything’s out in the public domain.
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  5. upu


    It's #1 in today's midweek.
    Happy for her so much!
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  6. Skyfall
  7. I just want her to work with Eg White again.
  8. As if it would be anywhere else.
  9. is legendary yes.

    You may have my number.
    You can take my name.
    But you will never have my HEEEAAAAARRRRT!!!
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  10. Woke up with this in my head the past two days. I fully admit I knee-jerk reacted. I assumed it was The Divorce Ballad and wasn’t focusing on the lyrics. Repeated plays made her voice click into place, but it was realizing that she was singing to her son that made it all come together. Musically, it’s familiar territory but I hear an honest emotional resonance on Easy On Me that’s missing from something like When We Were Young, which feels more genetically engineered.
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  11. Easily Top 3.

    Everything else would have been a surprise.
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  12. Once I got past this being realistically more of the same for Adele and after a few more listens, this is… very good ddd.
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  13. She… does not sound good on ‘Skyfall’.
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  14. A 0.
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  15. Skyfall is great. It's true it's true.
  16. This…isn’t true.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Everything about Skyfall is so.......obvious. I really have no use for it.
  18. It's not my favorite.. but her vocals always slap. Underwhelming, but I'm hoping the next thing she does is more up-tempo.
  19. This Skyfall slander will not stand. Not only is it the best recent Bond song, it’s one of her best songs.
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  20. But now we're saying it. Second only to GoldenEye in Bond history.
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