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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. It would be nice to have an exclusive UK event too, though. Never gonna say no to more promo.
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  2. Surely someone will get the UK rights to it?
  3. Considering she says every other sentence that she wants to come home, the chance of something like a BBC exclusive is highly likely.
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  4. She said in one of the interviews that she was coming to the UK in a few weeks for “work stuff” so I imagine that’s what she’ll be doing
  5. Now, that picture would be perfect for the albumcover!
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  7. I expect ITV will snap up the rights. They aired the CBS/Oprah special with Harry & Meghan.
  8. Surely a UK special with Graham Norton presenting/interviewing and some performances is in the offing?
  9. BYE
  10. I absolutely adore ''Skyfall''. Like, way too much.
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  11. I love the pictures her and Dolan hanging out behind the scenes of the video. New queen of the gate confirmed.
    The best Craig Bond song?!
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Okay, but the bar is pretty low.
  13. RMK


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  14. Monday midweeks:

    1 Adele - Easy On Me (99,793) *
    2 Elton John & Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (26.0k)
    3 Ed Sheeran - Shivers (24.3k)
    4 Coldplay & BTS - My Universe (14.0k)
    5 CKay - love nwantiti (ah ah ah) (11.4k)

    She’ll probably overtake Good 4 U as the biggest 2021 opening by tomorrow.
  15. I thought Good4u was opening with 96k?

    edit: ok no, 117k.
  16. You Know My Name is easily the best Craig era Bond song. Skyfall just edges No Time To Die for second place.

    The other two: no thanks.
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  17. "Spotted dick and cockles"... Ok Tati Westbrook.
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  18. The way I thought Craig Bond was some flop X Factor graduate I'd never heard of.
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  19. This is absolutely correct
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